Recognizing and admitting you’ve reached burnout or are chronically fatigued is the first step to recovery. Do these 10 signs apply to you? Or you are concerned about a friend or family member?

Check out this list below and see if you or someone you know ticks some or all of the boxes!

10 common signs indicating you are suffering from corporate and executive burn out:

  1. Adrenal/chronic fatigue. Being in a state of flight or flight has a major impact on the chemistry of the body. You are NOT being chased by a saber-toothed tiger though your primitive body thinks so! Adrenal fatigue and chronic fatigue is sadly inevitable as the physically body and mental health state can not cope for extended periods of time being pushed too far without relief and a change to lifestyle habits including nutrition and stress management.
  1. Inability to make good decisions and just not coping. Ordinary everyday tasks seem too challenging and the ability to cope with even small decisions feels impossible and overwhelming.
  1. Overwhelmed by deadlines and workload. Feeling panicky and swamped  by endless impossible targets and requirements of your role. Feeling paralysed and afraid all the time.
  1. Breakdown of personal and working relationships Feeling consistently stressed and anxious will have an impact on how you interact with loved ones. Overreactions and an inability to resolve minor to significant challenges can become the norm and therefore the support network you had which could potentially be your saviour, starts to crumble.
  1. Using alcohol or other addictions to dull your pain. Understandably, you wish to numb the pain of all the pressure you are under and find yourself reaching for stimulants like coffee etc. to get you through the demanding tasks of your day. If not stimulants then maybe tranquillizers such as antidepressants, sleeping tablets and other mood enhancing drugs.
  1. Insomnia. Often one of the first physical symptoms to arise. The body being in a fight or flight response (yes, even when in bed and not at work) means that the nervous system is not able to shut down. Adrenalin and cortisol (chemicals released when under stress and pressure) continue to be released so you are exhausted yet wide-awake.
  1. Little to no healthy work-life balance. Consumed by thoughts of work trying to keep up and working in free times when you could be enjoying leisure time. Your down time is full of tiredness and resentment and there is no mental or physical energy left to experience the rich tapestry of life and your loved ones. Work, in some form or another has managed to creep into most area’s your life.
  1. Feel trapped and believe there is no way out. No wonder you feel this way, you cannot see the wood from the trees. Your belief system is not working for you and you are struggling to see a way out of this. You have forgotten that before you became overwhelmed with work you did have a healthier attitude and wholesome life practices therefore it is possible to restore once again.
  1. Constantly comparing yourself to others. Experiencing increasing limiting beliefs including self-doubts particularly in regards to your work capabilities. Seeing yourself as “Not good enough” or “Less than” “a failure” and “Not worthy”
  1. Depression and anxiety. Increase in feelings of “something just not being right”, feeling flat, hopeless, lacking motivation unless surged but stimulants. It is very difficult for a high achiever to admit that they have a problem.

Do you recognize yourself here? Do you know someone who is in this situation?

Be reassured and remember the first step is to seek help and look honestly at what affects being burnout is having on you and how you, Evaluate how you can receive help and guidance to restore the healthy work-life balance.

Tranquil garden bench surrounded by cherry blossom trees

With increasing drive from the “big bosses”  and peer pressure to push harder to get the sales to seal another deal, meet the deadline this can only lead to dissatisfied and burnout including depression and high anxiety. Add to this completely unrealistic demands brought about by corporate or large organizations with rapidly increasing technology and the expectation for tasks to be completed immediately, to be available 24/7 and to achieve higher and better results for the company, today! Phew, makes me spooked and tired just writing this.

This is a massively increasing common problem with women in the corporate arena particularly in a city like Sydney. On the one hand Sydney is a wonderfully vibrant and beautiful place to enjoy and reside in, on the other hand if you’re suffering from corporate/employee burnout and potentially adrenal/chronic fatigue (the two tend to go hand in hand) then this city  is becoming an increasing burden in your life.

Not a pretty picture is it? However there is hope, you are reading this blog now and are aware that “something just isn’t right” and you may be ready to implement some significant changes to bring back a healthy work/life balance.

HappiSoul.comIn my Sydney based Practice at I am seeing more cases of women who find themselves in this scary and overwhelming situation. Thankfully they have admitted they have a problem and found someone to start looking at what is really going on, putting on the table, so to speak, all the dirty laundry: How they feel totally trapped, exhausted all the time, lost their confidence, constantly comparing themselves to their work colleagues, dread going to work, addicted to harmful substances to dull the pain or heaven forbid stimulants to drive them harder.

Then there is the pressure to stay in the job because of financial responsibilities like the mortgage the kids, single parenting only adds to this dilemma. Plus, we have the fact that many women are being harassed or even bullied in the workplace. This I can relate to when I worked for a large Hospital institution.

This is an incredibly frightening and debilitating situation to find yourself in. But, there is hope and help out there.

One of the most critical points of positive change is to take action, to make the appointment. This in itself can offer some much needed relief and to know you are not alone. Making the decision to get help is crucial and often the turning point. With burnout and adrenal fatigue your decision making capabilities are severely impaired so having a sounding board and someone experienced to start gently yet powerfully looking at what is going on, both in the workplace and at home is essential for restoring the healthy work life balance.

My 26 years of experience in supporting people to release their emotional and physical trauma’s small or large are implemented on the first session, offering immediate relief and an new perspective on moving forward with new tools for addressing stress and overwhelm.

Traumatic events and limiting beliefs.

In my private practice I use tools such as EFT (commonly called tapping) and Matrix Re-imprinting to look at the root cause of these limiting beliefs so we can work together to release the emotional trauma’s and install new ones that serve you better like:

“I am good enough just the way I am right now”

“I can move forward”

“I am at peace”

“I am empowered”

With almost any issue that is arising there will be some event/trauma such as bullying in school when they were young or currently in their job. At this time, the limiting belief is formed. For example:

“I am not good enough”

“I’m a failure”

“Something bad will happen”

“ I am not as good as my colleagues”

“I don’t fit in”

These beliefs can keep you in a state of fear and make you feel small and withdrawn, therefore preventing you from shining and being the best you can for fear of being hurt once again like last time. It’s very interesting how as humans we create what we feel at the time are safer ways to live but this can limit are growth for human potential and inner peace.

What happens during an EFT tapping Session?

I gently yet powerfully take you back to the root cause of the issue and using the tapping we clear the negative emotions/trauma including the limiting beliefs. We then creatively chose and install what will work for you ie I am in control, I am safe now, I am good enough, I do have a choice…..This is highly effective and an enjoyable experience leaving you feeling much more confident and at peace with with a new perspective and ability to move on.

So why don’t you leave our job?

Easy for someone else to say isn’t it? Not so easy if this is you and it’s your lively hood, your identity even believing that if you quit you will be worse off, which financially of course is a reality.

Leaving your job to then have no money and no other job can potentially increase the stress and overwhelm, this just simply may not be an option for you just yet if at all.

Let us look at the options:

  1. First step is to Acknowledge where you are at and begin looking at managing the work stress and taking care of yourself, setting healthy boundaries and seeking some support or coaching.
  1. Implement healthy simple changes like healthy boundaries with your employer, you could find yourself enjoying your role in a whole new light, even reaching your full potential in a healthy and enjoyable way, surely our work should be enjoyable and satisfying even playful! See below for more suggestions.

Feel encouraged and see what a couple of my coaching clients had to say about how I work on shifting perceived limitations into empowering ways of living.

Happy after HappiSoul EFT Session

amy-avatarAlison is a very gifted EFT facilitator. In my session with Alison she was clearly present and listening deeply. With her expert guidance, I uncovered some deeply imbedded limiting beliefs that have kept me from moving forward in healing from CFS and in my business as a holistic health coach and blogger. Together we uncovered previously unknown territory; this was especially exciting because I wasn’t even aware of these blocks and now that they are conscious I know where my work is! Alison skillfully helped me face my fear and sadness and move past it with compassion, love and acceptance of what I had done and who I was because of it. Thank you Alison for our powerful EFT session and I look forward to many more, peeling the onion layers, to reveal the true, happy and healthy me.”

Amy Down – Business owner @MummyMoJo

Self Esteem & Worthiness

Lisa WinekkeThe last four sessions have been pretty amazing and I want to say thank you again! You have been a wonderful support in facilitating some huge shifts around my self-esteem, worthiness and being deserving. As a result my mind and body feel different – like they have both been transformed to a brighter place!

I am really starting to feel and believe that I can create the world I desire. Whether that’s more peace; more love; more clients or that holiday house! My heart is filled with gratitude and you have helped make this possible. Thank you Alison.”

Lisa Winekke – Owner, The Joy Solution

What you can do:

  • Acknowledge and first accept where you are.
  • Share what is happening with a close friend/family member or begin to see a therapist. Get it off your chest!
  • Book in for a FREE 15 min phone consultation to see how I may be able to help you release the overwhelm, trauma and fear.
  • Add a good quality Magnesium supplement. Magnesium is a mineral that rapidly calms the nervous system down; it supports a feeling of calm and ease in the body and mind. Learn more from Dr Carolyn Dean.
  • Reduce Sugar (see video)
  • Reduce caffeine (see Sugar video and apply to coffee instead)
  • Short meditations; try out my Inner peace meditation setting up your day.
  • Get away to somewhere quite and contemplate your options.
  • Attend a restorative retreat! SoulTreat 7-9 August 90 Min’s from Sydney CBD.
  • Remember you are not alone.
  • Learn to become present with the now. Have a read of Eckhart Tolle’s book “The power of NOW”
  • Try this EFT Tap along video for “corporate Burnout”



A crutial step in my sessions with clients is to support them to restore self loving practices including respecting their body, mind and soul. With self appreciation comes much healthier daily habits including healthy work and life boundaries and a much greater ability to thrive and really enjoy life once again. Its like an awakening to life all over again and can be incredibly powerful to see the possibility of a new more peaceful path ahead.

If you are suffering and wish to seek help why not call me today and take advantage of my FREE 15 min phone consultation. I also have a very nurturing women’s retreat, SoulTreat this is especially designed to support women who are experiencing burnout. It is next month 7-9 Aug please See details here. It could be a wonderful opportunity to take time out to reflect on what to do next, step by step.

Alison van Vuuren


0411 474 754

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