Preparing You For Love - 6 Week Dating Support program

Finally release self doubt & past relationship pain. Become excited & confident during your dating experience. Expect to feel good about who you are!

Master Your Dating Success – Using EFT To Find Your Ideal Partner!

Are you looking for that ideal partner? Do you know what it is that’s holding you back? Have you considered that your past life experiences and beliefs could be the reason?

Do you suffer from any of the following?

  • Fear of Rejection?
  • Fear of Failure?
  • Fear of the Unknown?

I see so many people in my private EFT practice who come to receive support simply because they are lonely and wonder why it’s so hard to find that special person. It’s NOT!

In Sydney or Australia for that matter there aren’t any available”, “it’s just to hard” or “there are too many of one sex”.

These are limiting beliefs but they are NOT the truth, and using EFT you CAN overcome these fears!

Online Dating Success with Alison Monaghan

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • Am I good enough?
  • Is there anyone out there for me?
  • Can you create Romance and that special feeling with someone online?
  • Am I worthy of a respectful relationship?
  • It just happens to others not me?
  • It’s too hard?
  • Its time consuming?
  • It’s exhausting?
  • Limited mind set about ideal Man or women?

Are you disillusioned or overwhelmed with Online Dating?

This magical course based in Sydney  is designed to assist you to clear the blocks to you feeling your best and therefore sharing the best of you during your dating experiences. I Powerfully support you, using EFT Tapping to to release old patterns and relationship stories and trauma’s. The end result is you feel worthy about yourself enabling you to have that great respectful and fulfilling relationship.

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Tapping Into The Infinite Possibilities Of Love!

What you can expect from this course:

Preparing You For Love – A 6 week live exclusive course dedicated to finding your life partner.

Join me on an exciting and powerful course that runs over 6 week period, starting in August 2015.

I will be using my extensive coaching experience to personally assist you to powerfully release what is in the way of meeting that great person in your life.

I will be guiding you on a journey of self discovery, sharing with you my tips, tools and tricks that worked for me during my online dating journey.

This will be mostly done in a small group setting. There will also be x 2 one hour private coaching sessions There is something very powerful that occurs when we work in community with each other, supporting one another and sharing our limitations and rapidly transforming them into totally new ways of behaving. Accountability within the group is equally powerfully.

I know how daunting and stressful if can be to begin dating and how important and effective it is to finally dump the past stories, patterns, limiting beliefs about yourself and the dating process. I will be facilitating EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping) to clear and introduce new magnetic empowering beliefs and feelings.

This course is ultimately about preparing you for love and building that loving and accepting relationship with yourself first. This creates a solid foundation and your confidence and qualities then blossom, allowing the possibility of attracting that relationship.

Why am I doing this?

Because I know you too have the potential to be successful like me, especially when you apply this simple formula. I have direct experience with what you may already be experiencing and I’m so thrilled to tell you that I am now happily married to the man I met online.

When you make peace with your past relationships, including the relationship with yourself you are in a more harmonious position when dating. You will also increase your natural capacity for giving and receiving love.

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Over a 6-week period you will learn:

Week 1

By pre-arranged appointment:
A private 1 hour session to identify your specific needs and priorities for this course and start the exciting process for change.

Week 2

Friday 28 August 10am-4pm:
A fun but powerful group session, applying Tapping to address the limiting beliefs and blocks about yourself and the dating process

Week 3

Thursday 3rd September 6pm-8am:
Create your vision board, allowing dreams to awaken and tell the universe exactly how you wish to feel about yourself & how you want to feel in that great relationship!


Week 4

Saturday 12th September 10am-4pm:
Tapping session’s to help release past date and/or relationship trauma’s and blocks and focusing on tweaking or creating your ideal online profile.

Week 5

Thursday 17th September 6pm-8pm
Power release! The turning point of your program.  We continue to banish self doubt and changing old beliefs that “I’m not good enough”.

Week 6

By pre-arranged appointment:
A private 1 hour session to clarify your message to the world and release any lingering issues.

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Alison provides a supportive and holistic approach to effect rapid changes and experiences in a safe environment.

This 6 week/16 hour live course is designed to support you through the process of preparing yourself for the journey of dating online.

This is achieved essentially by clearing the past relationship trauma’s, (including bad dates) and beliefs about yourself; the dating process to enable you to be really clear on who you want to meet, and most importantly appreciating your true worth.

My role is to powerfully facilitate you to shine like a beacon during the dating experience, replacing stress, self doubt and fear with confidence, excitement and peace.

Alison van Vuuren (Monaghan)

EFT Training Course Testimonial

“Alison has a great energy – light, open and relaxed she makes awkward situations easy and knows how to make somewhat “weird” tool very accessible”

Claire Obeid, Business Owner, Wellness Project

AAMET Accredited Certified EFT Trainer and Practitioner

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AAMET Accredited Certified EFT Trainer and Practitioner

Still Not Convinced?

Read what some of my clients say about my work and their success…


Yes, I’ve fallen in love with myself and I feel pretty good about that!

I most definitely feel a transformed perspective in relation to my childhood. I feel it physically and emotionally.

Thank you so much for your caring and integrity. I greatly appreciate it.

Rebecca - Sydney


I just wanted to thank you again for your support and facilitation in my healing journey. I experienced such a profound shift during our session and have been feeling stronger within myself, and my own confidence levels, and flow of communication ever since.

Michell Carnochan

Michelle Carnochan, Sydney

Self Love

Your intuitive and encouraging work with me last week (can’t believe it was only a week ago) has really been of great benefit. It’s hard to explain but I can feel that something internal has fundamentally shifted and I’m just finding myself so much more positive. Something has definitely clicked differently.

Sarah Gray

Sarah Gray, Teacher, North Sydney

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