I would like to offer you and your friends & family a discount on my 1 hour coaching sessions, usually $150. This can be with me in person in Freshwater, near Manly or via Skype.
Use the promo code below and BOOK HERE
If you prefer you can contact me via email or calling me on 0411 474 754
Conditions apply:
Valid to book and pay within 48 hours
You can book up to one month ahead
A maximum of 3 sessions

Treat yourself, a friend or family member!

  • Don’t feel good enough?
  • Addicted to food, devices?
  • Stuck in a negative loop?
  • Lost your MoJo?
  • Need to release trauma?
  • Feel anxious/overwhelmed?

I am nurturing and supportive in my approach, yet work powerfully within this magical process of releasing and recreating something totally new!

Client testimonial – Permission to be me!
I’ve been looking for myself my whole life, never sure to ever be the real me. Discovering EFT with Alison was life changing, it is a powerful tool that I can now use for everything. Alison introduced me to it the best way possible and I felt and immediate connection with her. I today have answers that I wasn’t expecting to reach in only three sessions and I know I can go further. I can thank her enough!

Lea – Sydney

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Remember this offer ends this Saturday night and spots usually fill up quick!


I’d also like to share with you this very simple and highly effective 4-7-8 breathing technique by Andrew Weil M.D.

It only takes a couple of minutes to complete and you will feel instantly calmer.
I have been doing this at least twice a day for a week and can feel the deeper sense of calm. It all helps to support you to be at peace.
Check out by clicking on the link below



Sydney Tapping group  Wed 10 February 6-8pm
“Returning to the body”

What the tappers have to say!

“Another great session Alison! I can feel the Abundance manifesting”

“Tapping makes me feel lighter and have more understanding of myself”

“Tapping is a great mid-week inspiration”

Please register here as bookings essential.
This weeks group will be designed to support you to become grounded by returning to your body instead of in your busy mind! We will tap on aches, pains and any physical discomfort which is a reflection of your inner balance.

With love to you all

Alison Monaghan
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