On The Couch

EFT Tapping Sessions With Alison Monaghan & Julie Zommers
On The Couch: The Importance Of A Quick Tap

On The Couch: The Importance Of A Quick Tap

Learn the importance of a quick ‘Tap’ and the structure of how an EFT session may go. In this video we talk about what happens in an EFT session, how to get to the root of the issue in your life that is giving you grief. By the end of this video, you’ll have an insight into EFT tapping that most people don’t have.

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On The Couch: How To Tap

On The Couch: How To Tap

In this week’s episode Alison and Julie talk about the behind the scenes of their lives as EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting practitioners. Today they talk about what is involved in the EFT process and Julie stills her turbulent mind!

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