Eckhart Tolle and World Tapping Summit 2017

World Tapping Summit 2017

On Monday 27 February the opening day for the upcoming World Tapping Summit 2017 begins. I highly recommend that you register for this event as you can find all sorts of tapping experiences with many difference guides to address a smorgasbord of challenges you may be facing.

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For those who are EFT practitioners don’t forget that these hours can count towards your annual 30 CPD hours

Eckhart Tolle and Kim Eng
Another exciting event this year is the BEING HERE NOW man himself, Eckhart Tolle who is touring Australia in May…….He isn’t singing in a band (really can not visualise that!) but he will be sharing his wisdom with talks and meditation experiences to support you to be more present and still in your life.

World Tapping Summit 2017

I very much appreciate Eckhart and what he has to share regarding practicing presence and being here now. So much of our perceived issues come from repetitive negative thought processes and past experiences we carry with us. Of course tapping can assist in accepting what is and can release the associated trauma’s and patterns to allow for stillness however, I feel and know from personal experience that practicing daily moment by moment presence is also the key to feeling contentment and peace within.

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Path to Peace Tapping Group

Details: 1st Wednesday of the month (except this month).

Date: Wed 8th March 6.30-8pm
Venue: 11a Ozone St, Freshwater
Fee: $20

“When we resist what is, we perpetuate the perceived “problem” that we feel we have. When we tap, we acknowledge and begin to accept the challenges so they can be released, creating more space within to feel more engaged with this moment and of course this beautiful life.”

“Really enjoyed my first tapping group, felt more calm and relaxed at the end of it”

“Thank you Alison for organizng the tapping group as it has inspired me to keep tapping and have a support group for guidance”

“What a lovely genuine bunch of women I met that night! And the tapping was exactly what I needed. I found the way you ran the evening very suitable and I’m looking forward to coming to the next session.”

No experience necessary all welcome.


Level 2 Advanced: 25-26 February 2017 $750

Venue:11/40 Yeo street Neutral Bay
Date: 25-26 February 2017
Saturday and Sunday 9am – 5pm
Fee: $750

Refresher level 2 option –  $375
Maybe you have lost your motivation to tap, your confidence is low, you wish to go deeper into your own healing or you have missed the 12 month date to complete your case studies?
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Applies to students who have already trained with me.

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