EFT International Training Schedule 2020

Florrie, the sweetest thing, keeping me present with Mum

Florrie, the sweetest thing, keeping me present with Mum

I felt it was time to give you a little update on where I’m at and to check in to see how you are and if there’s anything I can do to support you. Please know that I am available for online sessions. If you wish to book in please click here to book or reply to this email.

Most of you already know that I’m temporarily in UK as my mother is unwell. I continue to feel honoured and privileged that I have the opportunity to be with her and my family right now, though this does not come without its challenges as I’m sure you can imagine, especially if you’ve lost a loved one or and nursed them before they passed.

Once again tapping has been incredibly useful and healing for me whilst being over here, I do my quick Taps Daily. I’ve also had private sessions which of been immensely helpful, allowing me to keep present and grounded.

I’d Like to share with you my schedule of events for 2020

EFT International Accredited training:
EFT level 1 Basics
EFT level 2 Foundational skills
EFT level 3 Advanced approaches

Level 1  16-17th
Level 2  30-31st

Level 1 1-2nd
Level 2 15-16th

Level 3 16,17,18th

Coffs Harbour
Level 1 10-11
Level 2 13-14

Level 3 Advance training
I’m pleased to confirm that level 3 Advanced,  3 day Practitioner training will go ahead 16-18th October. If you wish to reserve your space please deposit $75 in the account below, make the full payment or email me if you wish to set up a payment plan.

Here are some of the topics we cover in level 3.

  • Refining client rapport skills
  • Surrogate EFT
  • Energy exercises
  • Language skills including pre framing and framing,  shifting view points
  • Developing intuition and enhancing your ability to find core issues
  • A broader look at self-work and monitoring
  • Belief transformation
  • Understanding trauma and refining your techniques for effective outcomes
  • Healing the Inner Child/echo’s
  • Working with difficult cases
  • Revealing forgotten, suppressed issues & emotions
  • The Palace of Possibilities
  • EFT Ethics, Professionalism and Scope of Practice
  • Session notes client records
  • Intro/demonstration – Matrix reimprinting

If you are considering becoming an EFT Trainer this is the pathway to some of the requirements.


Practitioner and students group mentoring/supervision:
3 hour group mentoring 8 May BOOK HERE
6 hour group mentoring 14 August BOOK HERE

Path to Peace Tapping group
Continuing the 1st Wednesday of the month as of April

Deposits or full payments are required to secure your space on any workshops. If you would like to discuss a payment plan option please reply to this email.

Bank Details for deposits:
West Pac
Acc name: EFT Therapies
BSB 032056

Account 389322

Online Coaching:
whilst in the UK am I still here for you. All you  need is a stable wifi connection, some peace and quiet.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Lost your MoJo?
  • Overwhelmed and in pain?
  • Do you feel sad, lonely, depressed?
  • Feel unworthy?
  • Are you unmotivated, anxious, physically and emotionally sick and trapped?

This is a part of being human, to have these ups and downs in how we feel, how we experience our emotions and our life. Our issues arise within us when we are not able to release negatively stored memories, events and emotions. This is what causes us to be in dis-ease! These heavy energies are the result of previous negative or traumatic experiences/events in our life’s that still remain within you.
There are times when you can’t get beyond the issues alone and this is when it is much more beneficial to have an experienced coach to guide you safely and gently to the issues that you may have been avoiding addressing for years.

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World Tapping Summit
If you haven’t already (we are on day 2) I highly recommend you to register for the 12th Annual World Tapping summit, its not too late. Lots of opportunities to tap along with some of the worlds fabulous tappers, empower yourself today and register now!

Finally, I’d like to take this opportunity to share this video with you on using Yoga and EFT Tapping Together. An interview I had with Deborah from Soul Harmony Yoga

With love to you all

Alison van Vuuren
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