Do you write a blog for your business? Does is come naturally for you? Some bloggers are eloquent whilst others are great at catchy headlines or sharing bite-sized chunks of educational tips and tools. But how do they do it?

I have put off entering into the ‘scary world of blogging’ for a number of reasons, but predominately because of fear. Fear is an emotion mainly felt when engaging the mind to a past or future experience, and often not based on fact or reality.

I also experience limiting beliefs, I often wax and wane about setting time aside for this specific task, which is a tactical avoidance technique I’ve managed to perfect!

Here’s an example of healing negative thought patterns;

We can ‘rewire your brain’ using a tapping technique called EFT or Matrix Reimprinting to literally ‘change the way you think, feel and therefore act’. Yes, sometimes this takes time and persistence but it’s well worth the effort.

So in relation to my blogging block, I asked myself how I feel about blogging and what are the emotions that arise?

TIP: Your first response is your emotion in reaction to a thought.

The vast majority of us suffer at some stage or another from the dreaded Four F’s: Fear, Frustration, Fear of Failure, or Lack of Fun. All of these emotions can be ‘Tapped Out’ through EFT Tapping, or for deeper issues we can use Matrix Reimprinting. Why not give it a go!

EFT Tapping To Clear The Fear


Set up statement, tapping the side of the hand:

“Even though I have this fear of blogging and not getting it right, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway”

Repeat above once

Reminder phases Starting with Top of head down to under the arm saying: The Meridan Points for EFT This…..

  • Fear of failing
  • Fear I’ll get it wrong
  • Fear I’ll lose people
  • Fear I’m not good enough
  • Fear I’ll look like an idiot
  • Fear of the process
  • Fear of fear
  • Fear of stuffing it up

Big breath in and out

Relax, have fun with it!

Now sprinkle in some Positive Reminder phases

Starting with Top of head down to under the arm saying:

  • Blogging could be fun
  • I can be creative
  • I love sharing my passion
  • I love giving to others
  • Blogging is about sharing
  • I choose to go with a flow
  • I’m calm and confident
  • I’m safe and secure

Check in and notice how you feel!!

Need to to more?

Rinse and repeat whole process


I know for certain that when you clear the blocks and rewire how you feel by releasing past traumas or events linked to why you have fear, perhaps you have been told in the past you are not good at writing, you subconsciously tell yourself that you are not good.

By tapping these emotions out, you will have a shift in how you perceive blogging, being creative, expressing yourself freely.

It worked for me already, and was the inspiration for today’s post! Let me know your comments below.


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