Fear of global warming/climate change. How can I help save the planet using EFT Tapping

No one is too small to make a difference – Greta Thunberg

How can I help save the planet?

The question more of us are facing now and although there is a willingness to take steps, this can be very challenging when we are overwhelmed and afraid.

It’s hard to find the words to fully comprehend and acknowledge what has been happening in Australia with the bushfires, which have been out of control since September last year. This seems to be unprecedented and certainty very worrying times. There is much worldwide debate taking place such as whether we should be fully accepting and acknowledging that this recent devastation is predominantly a result of climate change or if this is down to natural occurrences of the planet and lack of back burning amongst other’s theories! I know where I sit but I’m not here to put any political spins on this. My intention is offer you support in clearing negative emotions that you may be experiencing in relation to this recent disaster and issues around global warming such as fear, despair, anxiety, anger, frustration and of course sadness and grief.

I’m confident that there will be many aspects around where you are at with the planet and climate change, with it be the increasing fires and not just in Australia, but floods, melting of the ice, the ocean becoming too acidic, increasing food and water scarcity, the list goes on.

Developing more awareness in our communities about we can make the changes that need to happen, we can’t wait any longer. It is a critical time.

Remember (Re-Membership) it is the coming together and supporting one another without judgement that I feel is the key to positive change.

Using EFT Tapping we clear overwhelming excessive negative emotions to enable you to have clarity, to be able to think more clearly, resulting in making positive changes including how you communicate with others and how you interact with the earth and therefore help heal the planet.

How to get the full benefit from the video:

If you haven’t done any EFT before please look at my website especially the how to tap video, take responsibility for yourself, listen to my words, repeat my words and the most important thing is to keep tuned in to one emotion at the time.

Once you have done the tapping and repeated for at least 7 days you are likely to find yourself making small important changes on a personal level within your home/family and spreading that within your community don’t ever underestimate the power of making these changes and sharing this with others. We take ACTION NOW something we will not feel able to do if we feel hopeless, helpless, resentful, paralysed, angry, upset, and grief stricken.

Once again, it’s important to repeat the tapping several times to discharge the negative emotions so we can introduce some positive concepts and feel the good feelings that are sitting underneath the despair and upset.

So, assuming you are upset, fearful and even angry about global warming……Let’s clear these negative emotions and see where we can go from there. Take a seat, a rest and tap with me to acknowledge all your feelings.

Important – Please share – Let’s help others to feel more empowered to change


Some steps to make changes now:

  • Limiting the use of fossil fuels such as oil, carbon and natural gas
  • Use energy wisely
  • Say no to palm oil
  • Advocate and use renewable energy
  • Carry a reusable bag
  • Talk to local School to offer plant based meals
  • Eat more plant based meals
  • Start more climate change conversations
  • Don’t waste food
  • Eat less
  • Grow your own
  • Look at your travel habits
  • Ride a bike, walk, run!
  • Car share
  • Shop local
  • Seek the truth
  • Support ethical businesses/industries who include positive climate change practices

Hope and inspiration is what we require now for this climate emergency to be able to move forward and encourage each other, to hold onto the vision that we can first heal ourselves by tapping and other ways to stay present, then assist in healing Mother Earth who has been communicating with us, now we are listening coming together and we do it as a collective.

Be inspired for change – links to uplift you to take action

Greta Thunberg TED talk



Thousands of blessings to you and your families

Big love Ali xx

With love

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