I’m thrilled and so happy to inform you that I recently held my first Women’s Retreat ‘SoulTreat’ in June, with the beautiful support of Jane McDermott. I’d like to share with you how magical this experience has been coaching 13 amazing women about the importance of self love.

But first I’d like to invite you to ponder on these 4 Questions:

  1. Do you love accept yourself?
  2. Why is it so important to love and appreciate ourselves?
  3. Why don’t we love ourselves more?
  4. What happens to you if you don’t take care?

Thought provoking isn’t it? So often women just keep going and going and going. Never stop for long enough to really rest, really relax, really sit back, process and contemplate where your are at now and accept all that has been, your past events that you may rather hadn’t of happened but they did, they actually made you stronger and are part of the reason you are here today reading this post, yet if we don’t allow time to rejuvenate cracks start appearing! Sound familiar?

Most of the time women just keep plodding on, with there work, keeping the family, partners, friends happy, supporting every Tom, Dick or Harry but neglecting the very person who matters the most…you! We tend to come from a culture/society that fails to recognize that taking care of yourself first is the key to a happier, more harmonious and joyful life.

So what goes screwy if we don’t take care?

  • Burn out
  • Lose your Mo Jo
  • Foggy thinking, poor judgement, lack of clarity
  • Poor Motivation
  • Do and give to much
  • Low self esteem
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • No work/life/play balance in your life

In my daily practice, I see so many women who give too much, taking little to nothing for themselves, and it’s often due to fear, or believing it’s wrong or selfish.

With all the demands on us in our busy life’s and an increasing expectation to do better, quicker, faster, it’s no wonder women are showing up with more dis-ease within their bodies and minds. We are steaming ahead with all sorts of technical advances and heaven knows how many social media platforms to keep up with. It’s no wonder that the consequences may have a negative impact within us.

The good news is that awareness and appreciation is steadily growing within our society, an awareness of self love, that it’s actually ‘OK ‘ and very responsible to take time out and restore our beautiful body mind and souls. It’s been said many times before and goes back centuries, we’ve just lost our way, look after yourself and you will become an even better you, make better decisions that serve not only you better but affect all those around you too.

I’m happy to say that although I see many women who are ‘burned out’, they are aware, and that’s the first vital step to making the positive changes that are necessary for a beautiful and enriching life.

When you are ready you make the changes, when you make the changes even if they are small, you will bank-up your neural pathways within your brain positive experiences that you created and you will feel better and more motivated to continue to take care because your will experience greater love and peace in your life.

SoulTreat with Alison Monaghan

So, for all the reasons above, SoulTreat has been developed and created. My passion and aim is to continue to provide a safe healing space for women, in luxurious surroundings, attracting women who want to effect positive change, and join me for a weekend of pure indulgence for the body, mind and soul.

Now, I must advise that the style of retreat that I have created is not all ‘smiles and relaxation’. I bring 25 years of experience supporting people, and my expertise in EFT tapping assists with releasing your stress, pain, negative memories and trauma. This can often bring tears and sometimes intense emotions. However, if you really want to heal and move forward with a new zest for life, it’s critical to feel and accept our past so we can acknowledge it and allow space for new beginnings.

Over the SoulTreat weekend in June we laughed, we cried, we contemplated, we Tapped, we created, we ate like Queens thanks to Jane McDermott’s culinary delights and her beautiful nurturing energy. The food was cooked with some serious and pure LOVE! It all happened in the most delicious way because it was designed solely for women, and with time and space to learn to love themselves once again.

Here is what they said:

“I would thoroughly recommend to anyone seeking time out to renew and figure out what’s important in their life, fabulous location. Loved the bush walks, tapping, peace and relaxation.”

“Thank you Alison for such an amazing experience. I feel like I’ve been in touch with myself again and feel a lot lighter in myself, free, happy and a lot more positive and excited about what’s ahead. I can confidently say I enjoyed every aspect of the weekend. I loved experiencing the tapping and will continue to tap as I have found it very beneficial and healing. Thank You.”

“I have been lost, physically and emotionally exhausted. After the weekend I feel like I gained strength in moving forward, I also realized that I am grateful for all I have in my life and I know I am the only one who can make positive changes to move forward. I loved being with other women sharing. Also the tapping and releasing! I am grateful for having the opportunity to experience the weekend met some lovely ladies as well.”

Jane and I split pic

“This retreat is nourishing for the mind, body and soul. A safe place to find yourself and to let go of some feelings and emotions that don’t serve you anymore. Great comfortable accommodation, accessible, clean, lovely and comforting. Enjoyed the fire ceremony, very powerful, also the tapping, food and vision boarding.

“I have honoured myself this weekend for my first ever Retreat. I have often thought about attending one and after being introduced to Alison last year and having a couple of very powerful EFT Skype sessions, I decided this weekend was for me. A lovely weekend to spend with myself and other amazing women. A big thank you to Jane for the gorgeous food she lovingly prepared for us all weekend. Lovely beds very comfortable, gorgeous surroundings for a retreat! Thank you Alison for helping me to understand who I really am and to be the very best person I can be.”

“A very special weekend of Self Love and nurturing. I was in so much need for this weekend and have walked away with new tools and knowledge.”

“Thank you for a very spiritual weekend with open and beautiful women. I know there will be little reminders in my life of the weekend.”

“What a wonderful experience! Book me in for the next, and the next…loved the tapping! Outstanding, beautiful accommodation.”

“The retreat is very loving, relaxed and nurturing. Perfect environment for being open and learning to EFT.”

“This weekend away from the hustle and bustle has been great! I’ve met some great women, eaten like a king, had time to reflect and learn a bit more about myself and most of relax! Meditation was great, being away from the “to do” list. Tips on food and on relaxation. Vision boarding was fun too!”

“Such a relaxing weekend away. The house and location is amazing and overall activities were a perfect balance of getting to spend time on yourself and chill out. Loved the tapping, vision boarding and bush walking. Food was outstanding and was beautiful energy overall”

I think the testimonial help to give you a flavour of the SoulTreat experiences!

SoulTreat November 14-16, 2014

The Importance of Self LoveI’m really pleased to say that Jane McDermott will be joining me and the ladies again at my next SoulTreat in November, providing delicious food (check out Janes delicious healthy Brownie recipe) and this time Jane will be offering a session on nutrition including some great practical tips.

I’d like to invite you to consider if this unique style of Retreat is for you. You can check out more of the details including booking options


6 little Self Care tips

  1. Breath, often helps 🙂
  2. Use EFT Tapping to relieve stress. See demonstration video here
  3. Download the Omvana App on you iPhones; great for mini meditations
  4. Set your text tone to “note” its like a Tibetan Bell reminding you to BREATH!
  5. Incorporate one or more of the energy techniques below
  6. Buy yourself a pretty book and write down 5 things your grateful for each night

How to tap demonstration video

Other Energy Techniques:

Always Begin 3 thumps or massages/tap on:

  • Collarbone
  • Thymus
  • Ribs

Cross Crawl
Same arm (elbow to knee or marching) same leg, 5 or 6 times
Then cross over opposite 5.6 times

Wayne cook posture
Sit – cross hands – If left thumb over then left leg over right, right hand on ankle, left hand over feet
Breath about 4-6 times

Shoulder to Hip –Especially good when you have been wearing a bag on shoulder
Place hand firmly on shoulder in fleshy part, apply pressure down into shoulder and drag flat hand across chest, body to opposite Hip. Repeat other side.

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Until next time

Love Alison x

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