Restoring self worth using EFT Tapping

Alison Monaghan, EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner,
Do you truly value yourself as a Human-Being?

Most people dip in and out of feeling worthy depending on their present circumstances, ofter relying on others to offer some form of recognition of themselves instead of knowing and experiencing a sense or worth at their core.

Despite what our minds/thoughts will generate (based on our past experiences), our self worth does not come from an identity i.e what job you have, what relationship you are in or not in, what house or car you have, how you look and where you come from. This can be a continuous source of suffering, I am not enough not as good as, this is one reflection of how feeling unworthy will show up in your world, comparing yourself to others.

Self worth comes from deep within, the presence of you, your consciousness. It is the essence of who you are despite all of the above. We have all, on various levels been conditioned to believe and experience that if we are not those things and a ‘success in life’, we are unworthy and there is something wrong with us.

Let’s return to who you truly are in your essence….
To feel peace within, it is essential to feel you are worthy, worthy of living, worthy of receiving and of giving love. I’d like to offer you the opportunity to become aligned with your true self, to be more comfortable within and begin to refrain from comparing yourself to others, trying to be someone you are not and feeling unworthy as a result? It is much easier to experience peace with all those around you when you have that peace within yourself.

I am excited to be running this workshop again on 10 December in Sydney. It was a joy to assist those who attended in September.  Why not take advantage of my Early bird discount ending this Friday for this healing, restorative workshop, hope you can join me and other like-minded people for this great event.

Early Bird ends this Friday 25th

Feedback from the last event:

“Alison’s workshops are so full of love and openness that beautiful shifts can occur right in front of you regardless of your experience level with EFT”

“I found Alison to be very gentle and supportive in the workshop. I feel lighter in myself and had some energy shifts where I released layers of un-useful baggage”

“It was wonderful to discover a technique that is easy, painless and ready in seconds to support your every need. Thank you Alison for taking us on the journey”

“I’m much more OK with not knowing what will be and feel like I am going to live in a more relaxed and less controlling way”

“Thank you for today! I and know that accepting myself first and where I am at right now allows me to be vulnerable and really seen by others. It has inspired me to integrate tapping into my everyday life”

More about the workshop

Do you believe and truly feel you are worthy, good enough? Most of the clients I see, it comes down to the fact they can no longer connect with the “knowing” at a deep level that despite, what may have occurred as a child and adult, they are good enough. Underlying beliefs and as you may know, can significantly effect all areas of ones life: Relationships, career, money, health the list goes on…….I would like to invite you to join me in this intimate space of healing using EFT tapping. Begin to powerfully transform your limiting beliefs and release trauma (small or large) and related stress that holds this in place so you can feel at peace within once again.

Don’t know what to say or how to get results from your tapping?
This tapping day is a great opportunity to tap with different partners of varying experience to practice your skills in a safe environment with my guidance and input where necessary. This will support you to learn and increase your confidence, addressing issues including: limiting beliefs, unpleasant memories, present or up coming challenges, addictions, physical issues and to implement what you learnt if you have attended level 1 and 2 workshops but may have forgot or simply not put into practice.

Tapping EFT Students and practitioners can use these hours as part of CPD requirements.

Event details:
Date: Saturday 10 December
Time: 10am – 5pm
level 8/53 Walker st, North Sydney
Fee: $185  
Early Bird $165

Use this promo code UdUdypatEd to receive your $20 discount


No previous experience necessary
Limited to a small group so book in early to avoid missing out .

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