S.H.E.D. A Sacred Healing Space In Nature

I’ve been inspired for quite some time to create a calming healing space, nestled in natural beauty… trees, birds and sunshine. This has now become a reality when we put the final touches on the SHED this week. I’m delighted to announce the official opening of SHED this Sunday and the services I’ll be offering to my local community.  This beautiful space has been created for you to shed pain, trauma and old habitual ways of thinking so you can embrace a new way of being.  Thus the name SHED! SAFE  HAVEN TO  EXPLORE AND  DISCOVER   
Nestled in my garden in the Sydney’s Northern Beaches suburb of Freshwater, the SHED sits under a majestic gum tree who’s roots reach right underneath. It is as though the the shed is being supported by nature.
There is something extraordinary about having a space that is just perfect: the earthy scents of the Australian bush and listening to the birds outside in nature.   This creates a calm setting where you sit with that one person who attentively supports you to release what is not serving you anymore so you can shed the old, embrace the new, and discover your true self once again.


Over the years, I have discovered many modalities to blend into the healing experience.  All of these add to the nurturing experience through all your senses. I will bring anything into a session to assist somebody to feel safe enough to relax, to let go of deeply imbedded fear or limiting beliefs or trauma.

  • EFT – tapping on the meridians to release stress and negative beliefs and memories and all the associated experiences we can have in life that keep up stuck and feeling unworthy
  • Australian Bush Flower remedies – to subtly release and support you through the process
  • Reiki – to calm you
  • Essential Oils and Aromatherapy – to enhance the ‘letting go’ process
  • Tuning Forks – to align you, to harmonise you, and to help you focus at the beginning of a session, and then at the end to ‘lock things in’

I will be offering

1-1 coaching

Small group workshops

Tapping Day Retreats

And for my clients who are further afield, I will continue to offer coaching online whilst I’m sitting in this natural beautiful calming space of SHED.


I would like to acknowledge and say a huge thank you to my supportive and loving husband Al, my son Jelle, and all of our fabulous friends who have encouraged me with this vision. It wouldn’t have happened without you!

And the grand opening of SHED was a wonderful connection to the Northern Beaches locals!

SHED is about creating an experience in a beautiful natural setting, where healing takes place through all the senses so that we can feel alive once again and full of hope for a happier life. 

About Me

HappiSoul is about assisting you to experience peace, contentment, compassion, joy and ease, all of which are your natural state of being. I can help you to release any blocks within your body, mind or soul to reveal that beautiful place within you.