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EFT/Tapping & Matrix Reimprinting

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)/Tapping.

Learn how to tap with Alison Monaghan.

Change Low Self-Esteem, Old Patterns & Overwhelm Into Confidence & Inner Peace!

Does This Sound Familiar?

Lost your MoJo?

Overwhelmed, in pain?

Do you feel sad, lonely, depressed?

Are you unmotivated, anxious, physically and emotionally sick and trapped?

You deserve to have peace and balance as this is the essence of who you are.

This is a part of being human, to have these ups and downs in how we feel, how we experience our emotions and our life. Our issues arise within us when we are not able to release negatively stored memories, events and emotions. This is what causes us to be in dis-ease! These heavy energies are the result of previous negative or traumatic experiences/events in our life’s that still remain within you.

Why not empower yourself by allowing me to guide you to release the negative energies from within your mind, body and soul allowing you to restore to a more natural state of being a happy and content soul. There are times when you can’t get beyond the issues alone and this is when it is much more beneficial to have an experienced coach to guide you safely and gently to the issues that you may have been avoiding addressing for years.

So What Is EFT?

*EFT emotional freedom techniques
Also known as Tapping, a powerful holistic healing technique that has been proven to effectively resolve a range of issues, including stress, anxiety, phobias, emotional disorders, chronic pain, addiction, weight control, and limiting beliefs, just to name a few.

Tapping is based on the combined principles of ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology. Tapping with the fingertips on meridian endpoints of the body, while focusing on negative emotions or physical sensations, helps to calm the nervous system, rewire the brain to respond in healthier ways, and restore the body’s balance of energy

A simple process that leaves you experiencing a sense of calm, peace, joy and freedom. Imagine that you can create the space to become YOU once again and, most importantly, to allow you to empower yourself and be you’re very best.SSIts is fast, painless and effective treatment for many ailments, self-doubts and dis-eases.

EFT is easy to learn and can be used as a self help tool and at times can be incredibly effective however, there are times when you can not get beyond the issues alone and this is when it is much more beneficial to have a practitioner guide you safely and gently to the issues that you may have been avoiding addressing for years.

Emotions tell us when we are feeling happy, loving ourselves and others, feeling motivated, excited, calm, inspired, free and at peace, and the opposite of these feelings.



Tapping on Meridian points
EFT & Matrix Reimprinting with Alison Monaghan,

Matrix Reimprinting

So how does Matrix Re-imprinting differ from this already established EFT technique? Well, having evolved from EFT, it also contains some important differences.

For example, in conventional EFT tapping on meridian end points is used to take the emotional intensity out of a past memory. What you are left with is to be able to recall your most traumatic and stressful life memories without any emotional disruption or stress, which is obviously extremely useful, as negative past memories keep the body in a state of stress and can contribute to disease.

However, with Matrix Reimprinting the memory is actually transformed. You can go into any past memory, say and do what you wished you’d said and done, bring in new resources, and create and transform the picture you have of that memory.


How Does It Work?

Re-imprinting we see these past negative memories as being held as pictures or holograms in your body-field. Until you transform them you keep tuning into them on a subconscious level and they affect your health, your well-being and your point of attraction.

Changing the pictures creates both physical and emotional healing, and enables you to attract more positive experiences into your life. And by tapping on the meridians of the body at the same time, the process is accelerated.

Matrix Re-imprinting is a collection of new cutting-edge techniques created by EFT Master Karl Dawson. It combines EFT with understandings from epigenetic and quantum science, to create RAPID personal change. It is noted for its ability to quickly transform our relationship to our past, creating shifts in our emotional and physical well-being in the present.

The Benefits To You:

  • Very easy to use and gentle on clients
  • Quickly find core issues, related trauma and beliefs
  • Locate and resolve early trauma (pre 6 years) often beyond client's awareness and conscious memory
  • Allow client-driven re-frames and cognitive shifts
  • Locate psychological reversal, secondary gains etc
  • Create positive beliefs
  • Works even on dissociated clients and those who can't tune into the emotion of traumatic events
  • Allow forgiveness and wisdom to be gained from past events
  • Send a message to the body/cells/DNA the trauma is over
  • Resource the client and rewrite the past
  • Naturally utilize the law of attraction in a very powerful way

CASE STUDY: Teenager was planning to end his life - Mums story

I approached Alison to see if she could help with my 14 year old son who had decided one morning that it was going to be his last day.

He had it all planned out in his head of what he was going to do. The last thing he was going to do was give me a big hug goodbye and say he loved me before I went to bed with me not knowing what he had decided to do.

I found out through his best friend later that day, Tomas was very calm when I spoke to him about ending his life. He just didn’t get why we were here and what the point was, he felt that life was worthless and meaningless.

Tomas has had 3 sessions with Alison so far. From the very 1st session I saw a lighter Tomas, he had found someone that in his words “understood him and how he was feeling”.

After the 3rd session Tomas came bouncing in the room so happy saying “mum this was the best one yet, Alison really gets me. It was so good we went back in different timelines and changed things; mum she really is good I want more sessions with Alison. She is so good at explaining things to me”.

Tomas has always been anxious since starting secondary school, having issues with older boys etc, but lockdown has really heightened this. However, now he can see a light at the end of his dark tunnel!

He is learning to deal with life situations through Alison’s work. This is only after a few sessions! Thank you Alison!

Can't beleive the difference

Alison is the most beautiful/ soft / kind person I’ve worked with. Her energy & vibe is unlike no other she makes you feel so safe & comfortable. I’ve only seen Alison a few times and can’t believe the difference I feel. Lighter, brighter & more at ease/ peace with myself. I’ve already booked my next 3 sessions In & will continue to see Alison. She is truly one of a kind, I have already asked Alison if my family can see her. I trust her completely and believe this sort of work really works! Very grateful to have met her.

Eddie Nelson


Clearing limiting beliefs & healing CFS

Alison is a very gifted EFT facilitator. In my session with Alison she was clearly present and listening deeply. With her expert guidance, I uncovered some deeply imbedded limiting beliefs that have kept me from moving forward in healing from CFS and in my business as a holistic health coach and blogger. Together we uncovered previously unknown territory; this was especially exciting because I wasn't even aware of these blocks and now that they are conscious I know where my work is! Alison skillfully helped me face my fear and sadness and move past it with compassion, love and acceptance of what I had done and who I was because of it. Thank you Alison for our powerful EFT session and I look forward to many more, peeling the onion layers, to reveal the true, happy and healthy me.

Amy Down

Business owner @Mummy MoJo

Noticing a difference!
I became interested in tapping and started searching for practitioners in Sydney. When Alison's website popped up on my search it immediately spoke to me. The words 'happisoul' described exactly what I was looking for!
I didn't really know what to expect but when I met Alison I immediately felt at ease. Alison has a way of talking to you about whatever is coming up, that makes all the things you thought were crazy sound completely natural. She's very skilled at being able to understand what you are wanting to work on (and I have a long list!) and brining it together with the right words to address using the technique. As well as being a very warm person that genuinely cares.
I really enjoy my time with Alison and what I experience using the technique. Im only 2 sessions in but already I have started to notice the difference.
I'd recommend Alison's service to anyone interested in using this technique.
Jennifer Barker - Sydney

Snezana UlbrichCareer change and belief systems

I am just embarking on a new career in corporate training and have going through self doubt and a lack of self confidence as to whether I could deliver a successful training session that was both enjoyable and informative with good content and delivery. I went to see Alison in order to work on my limiting beliefs and get over my fear of getting in front of a group of people and delivering a 2 hour workshop.

I am delighted to say that it has done wonders. I have just come back from the training session I delivered with a new confidence and a totally new belief system. I know it wasn’t just me, I did the exercises that Alison showed me before my delivery and even a clever little one when I first started and when I felt the nerves coming on. I am very pleased with the way the whole presentation went and got some excellent feedback.

I found Alison very approachable, down to earth and easy to talk to and work with. The techniques were great and they worked far better than when I tried to do this myself. I look forward to working with Alison again through other issues. I would highly recommend Alison to anyone that is wanting to experience positive shifts in any area of their life including physical pain that might be holding you back from living a full and happy life.

Snezana Ulbrich, Soft Skills Trainer, Sydney

Relationships & Clearing Deep-Rooted Issues

“I really value and have benefited greatly from EFT/Matrix sessions with Alison. These sessions helped me break through some deep rooted issues and limiting beliefs which I have carried for most of my life.

I have used EFT before but feel the Matrix Reimprinting technique, together with Alison’s guidance, helped me get to the root cause of issues I was experiencing with relationships and self esteem. I have noticed positive, tangible changes in my life from these sessions and

I would highly recommend sessions with Alison to anyone who wants to break limiting patterns of thinking and behaviour or to anyone who just feels stuck. Alison is a master of these techniques and I look forward to more sessions with her.”

Chris Collins, Sydney

The Key to EFT

The Key: Matrix Reimprinting

With the Matrix Re-imprinting techniques, we can work directly to resolve the negative energetic charge around you. This changes your relationship to your past, and affects your emotional and physical health in the present.

Release Negativity

Release Negativity

With Matrix Reimprinting your memory is transformed. Delve into any past memory, say and do what you wished you’d said and done, bring in new resources, and create and transform the picture you have of that memory.

Accelerated Success

Accelerated Success

Change creates both physical and emotional healing, and enables you to attract more positive experiences into your life. Combined with EFT tapping on the meridians of the body at the same time, the process is accelerated.

The Power Of EFT

The Power Of EFT

EFT Coaching will powerfully and creatively assist you to love and accept yourself allowing you to fell lighter, experience confidence, trust in yourself and fulfill your dreams.
Works From Anywhere

Works From Anywhere

Modern technology and the ease of use allows me to work with clients face to face in person in Sydney, or worldwide and nationally within Australia using Skype or phone.

Master Your Fears & Phobias

Master Your Fears & Phobias

3 sessions is usually sufficient for making distinct headway on specific issues, but phobias can sometimes be resolved within one or two sessions.


For effective rapid changes, book a day with Alison in a safe, supportive

& nourishing environment.

You Will Learn:

• To appreciate and trust in yourself

• Contentment with who you are

• Experience more joy in your life

• Clarity and motivation

• Inner peace

Alison will guide you through through the process, answer your questions, enabling a long-lasting change and positive results. So...are you ready to a powerful day of change with me?


Alison van vuuren,

AAMET Accredited Certified EFT Trainer and Practitioner

AAMET Accredited Certified EFT Trainer and Practitioner

A Day With Alison "By gently tapping on specific meridian points, I will gently guide you to move through limiting beliefs to allow you to enjoy ever greater abundance of health, wealth and happiness"

Alison Monaghan, EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner,

EFT Training Course Testimonial “Alison has a great energy – light, open and relaxed she makes awkward situations easy and knows how to make somewhat “weird” tool very accessible”

Claire Obeid, Business Owner, Wellness Project

Still Not Convinced?

Read what some of my clients say about my work and their success...


Yes, I've fallen in love with myself and I feel pretty good about that!

I most definitely feel a transformed perspective in relation to my childhood. I feel it physically and emotionally.

Thank you so much for your caring and integrity. I greatly appreciate it.

Rebecca - Sydney


I just wanted to thank you again for your support and facilitation in my healing journey. I experienced such a profound shift during our session and have been feeling stronger within myself, and my own confidence levels, and flow of communication ever since.

Michell Carnochan

Michelle Carnochan, Sydney

Self Love

Your intuitive and encouraging work with me last week (can't believe it was only a week ago) has really been of great benefit. It's hard to explain but I can feel that something internal has fundamentally shifted and I'm just finding myself so much more positive. Something has definitely clicked differently.

Sarah Gray

Sarah Gray, Teacher, North Sydney

Fear Of Public Speaking

"I had been an issue for me since high school. Even just the thought of it was enough to raise my heart rate. It got to the point where my fear was really holding me back. With a presentation looming, I turned to EFT in the hope that it might help. In the end it exceeded my wildest dreams. A single session with Alison as well as solo follow up sessions at home led to miraculous results. I was barely nervous in the lead up to the presentation, and on the actual day I walked confidently to the podium, turned to smile at the audience, and proceeded to speak calmly and confidently for an hour. It was like I had become a different person. I still can’t quite believe it happened. Now I’m recommending EFT to everyone."

Joanna - Sydney Uni Student

An Enlightening Effect

“I had been working with EFT on my own for a while and found it an effective and immediate healing tool. I heard about Alison and was interested to work with a practitioner of EFT. I found the results incredibly powerful. Alison makes you feel completely comfortable and safe.  Alison has an amazing intuition that allows you to be guided and healed in a loving and safe environment. The work with Alison has given me insight into my past and my behaviour in the present. The most amazing aspect of working with Alison, EFT and matrix re-imprinting is the potential for acknowledging the past, releasing it and moving forward with a more positive and enlightened state of mind. I cannot recommend Alison highly enough.”

Melony, Sydney

Cathartic & Invigorating

“Alison introduced EFT to me when I was in a dark place; I found (after just one session) EFT cathartic and invigorating: I could not wait to experience EFT again!  The sessions have been conducted over the phone and have been extremely successful.

Over a distance of thousands of miles, Ali has been able to send therapeutic energies; Emotional Freedom Technique’s curative power has begun for me. To be healthy, mentally and physically is a blessing; I will continue to experience EFT, promoting a healthier mind and body.

Thank you Alison for all your help and support”

Julian Pope, UK

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