Online Support Group

Rapid release for calm, balance and insights


Overwhelmed, fearful and perhaps feeling alone?

Sustained stress impacts physical and mental health, preventing one from feeling empowered and positive.

With guidance, focusing on your own self-healing ability, you rapidly release anxiety and overwhelm using the tapping technique.

Instead of letting your worries incrementally increase, know that each fortnight you can login online from your home and let go.

Imagine how much calmer you can feel with a sense of clarity about your future!

This Monthly Online Tapping Support Group May Help to:

Rapidly reduce cortisol levels

Reduce overwhelm and calm the mind

Reset your nervous system

Allow you to see things differently

Offer a sense of not being alone and isolated

I am an accredited EFT tapoing practitioner and trainer with over 30 years experience working with hundreds of people to help them heal themselves and return to a state of wellness, inner peace and happiness.

EFT & Matrix Reimprinting with Alison van Vuuren

“I felt so scared in the wee hours about my future and it really helped shift that into faith and vision!”

“It’s nice to meet like minded people. Thank You so much for today Alison.”

“Thank you for the opportunity to connect. This was such a beautiful session.”

“Things seem clearer and the body not so tight, not feeling as frustrated.”

“So much more relaxed and I feel like I can cope with my emotions.”

“Big improvement from when I joined.”

“I can’t tell you how much that was. That made such a huge difference to me.”

“More positive about the changes I might need to make”

Join The Online Tapping Tribe

1st Thursday of the month at 5.30pm for 45mins (AEST) in my online EFT Tapping Support Group

Free service

I just like to ask to please spread the word

New to Tapping?

Watch this video before joining my group

About EFT

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is also known as tapping. It’s a powerful technique scientifically proven to rapidly reduce cortisol levels and effectively resolve a range of issues, including anxiety, phobias, emotional disorders, chronic pain, addiction, weight control, and limiting beliefs - to name just a few!

Based on the combined principles of Chinese acupressure and modern psychology. You use fingertips on meridian endpoints of the body, while focusing on negative emotions or physical sensations which helps to helps to calm the nervous system, rewire the brain and restore the body’s balance of energy.


"I come away feeling so much more empowered and relaxed. I have tapped on my own however the releases and breakthroughs that I have during these sessions is profound. Alison leads the group with a calming presence and provides gentle guidance. I really enjoy these fortnightly free sessions."

"Alison has such an amazing ability to connect with you and offers a positive experience even when you’re feeling low, sad and confused with life.  I would recommend joining her Thursday Online Tapping group to get the benefit of also meeting other participants and sharing quick and powerful transformations together."

"It was a great session! I highly appreciated it and I learnt more about EFT than I’ve ever done before - and in the interim forgot how powerful it is. I highly recommend Alison – she knows her craft well coming from a place of compassion and love."

"I did the online Group tapping session with Alison and found it great for reducing fear and overwhelm. I finished the session feeling calm, rejuvenated, and feeling like I really wanted to help spread this calm positive vibe to others in the community."

"I am pleasantly surprised that Alison is providing fortnightly online group tapping called the "The Tapping Tribe". I have attended 2 sessions so far, and really enjoyed it a lot! A real sense of community and support. Alison is brilliant and effective in leading us to release stress and helping us to find more inner peace and connection."

"Alison is amazing. She has a way of zeroing in on the underlying issue that is the source of any anxiety, keeping you focused, and using her gift to help you heal, let go and move on. She is sensitive, personable and a joy to work with. I would recommend her wholeheartedly."

"COVID 19 presents significant challenges for us, however, the opportunity to work from home has enabled me to look at a healthier lifestyle. Part of this is doing Tapping online with Alison. I find these sessions ground me and help me prepare for whatever comes along."

"I feel so much lighter after our group tapping sessions. Alison’s ability to hold space for each of us as individuals and as a group is truly amazing. The shifts are always profound and I am always deeply humbled and filled with gratitude for this human tapping tribe"

“Collective human consciousness affects the global information field therefore large numbers of people creating heart centred states of care love and compassion will generate a more coherent Field environment and benefit others and help offset the current planetary discord and incoherence.”

Heart Math institute