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Alison is incredible at identifying feelings and emotions/trauma and guiding you through them, especially through the EFT tapping experience. The skills I have attained in bettering my life through EFT have given me confidence in being able to live a life of inner peace, security and contentment.

Carmel Sydney

I have been working with Alison for 10 years. She is warm, patient, insightful, inspiring and kind. You won’t find a better EFT practitioner. I highly recommend working with Alison and I would go so far as to say that a session with Alison can replace multiple sessions with other practitioners.

Virginia Baker
Virginia Baker
Master Coach Certified Money Coach The Money Project

Alison skilfully helped me face my fear and sadness and move past it with compassion, love and acceptance of what I had done and who I was because of it. Thank you Alison for our powerful EFT session and I look forward to many more, peeling the onion layers, to reveal the true, happy and healthy me.

Amy Down
Amy Down

Alison is truly kind in her every move to serve me as her client as I navigate my personal challenges. I would recommend her to anyone seeking to take on those areas that you are resigned about. This woman is love and power on legs.

Eastern Suburbs Sydney

CASE STUDY: Teenager was planning to end his life - Mums story

I approached Alison to see if she could help with my 14 year old son who had decided one morning that it was going to be his last day.

He had it all planned out in his head of what he was going to do. The last thing he was going to do was give me a big hug goodbye and say he loved me before I went to bed with me not knowing what he had decided to do.

I found out through his best friend later that day, Tomas was very calm when I spoke to him about ending his life. He just didn’t get why we were here and what the point was, he felt that life was worthless and meaningless.

Tomas has had 3 sessions with Alison so far. From the very 1st session I saw a lighter Tomas, he had found someone that in his words “understood him and how he was feeling”.

After the 3rd session Tomas came bouncing in the room so happy saying “mum this was the best one yet, Alison really gets me. It was so good we went back in different timelines and changed things; mum she really is good I want more sessions with Alison. She is so good at explaining things to me”.

Tomas has always been anxious since starting secondary school, having issues with older boys etc, but lockdown has really heightened this. However, now he can see a light at the end of his dark tunnel!

He is learning to deal with life situations through Alison’s work. This is only after a few sessions! Thank you Alison!

Witnessing a Suicide - Rapid Trauma release

Sadly a little while ago, I experienced seeing a traumatic event with a Gentleman committing suicide. I reached out to Alison at Happisoul as I had previously done some EFT Tapping for a similarly traumatic event which had really helped me to release emotion and feel able to move on with my life.

A couple of days after seeing the Suicide, I worked with Alison via the Zoom video application doing a Tapping session specifically focusing on the trauma of the event and releasing the emotions that were brought up. I find Tapping to be very effective for releasing anxiety and emotion but alongside this, Alison’s compassionate, empathetic and highly tuned in approach to working through one’s feelings is amazing. I immediately felt myself release a lot of emotion and fears during the Tapping session and afterwards, I felt an instant clarity and calmness to my outlook and being.

Brilliant and just what I needed to truly move forward with life and minimise carrying any unnecessary trauma. Thank you Alison

Self Esteem & Worthiness

"The last four sessions have been pretty amazing and I want to say thank you again! You have been a wonderful support in facilitating some huge shifts around my self esteem, worthiness and being deserving. As a result my mind and body feel different - like they have both been transformed to a brighter place! I am really starting to feel and believe that I can create the world I desire. Whether that's more peace; more love; more clients or that holiday house! My heart is filled with gratitude and you have helped make this possible. Thank you Alison."

Lisa Winneke, Owner, The Joy Solution

Warmth + Skill + Experience = Healing

I felt comfortable and safe with Alison straight up which was very important to me as we needed to work on some deep emotions and long held beliefs tied to my past. The reframe and resulting change in my perspective through the EFT and Re-imprinting we did immediately helped me to feel less 'charge' and more peace with my past. I have a mini personal tap to do each morning which feels supportive and helps me set up each new day which I really like. I highly recommend working with Alison if you want to experience great care and warmth while receiving fantastic professional skill to help you move through blocks to wellbeing.

Gena McLean - Victoria

Addressing the core or Depression

After my first session with Alison, I had realized that after years of trying many things to help with my depression and anxiety she was the only thing that was going to address the core problem of my depression. I am so thankful she has shown me hot to tapping can help me. I 100% recommend tapping to anyone, even if their problem is big or small.

EFT Training Course Testimonial “Alison has a great energy – light, open and relaxed she makes awkward situations easy and knows how to make somewhat “weird” tool very accessible” Claire Obeid
Claire Obeid, Business Owner, Wellness Project

Neck pain gone in minutes – Mind body connection Working with Alison is a breath of fresh air. She brings a warmth & lightness forward to create a safe & supportive space to delve deeper into the emotions & stories that are holding us back. I’d been experiencing neck pain for several months. I’d had numerous massages, treatments & acupuncture in attempt to “fix” my neck. In a matter of minutes Alison got right into the deeper issues and stresses in my life that were keeping me stuck and were manifesting as neck pain in my body. That was 7 weeks ago and my neck pain has 100% completely disappeared. I would highly recommend Alison to anyone that is wanting to experience positive shifts in any area of their life including physical pain that might be holding you back from living a full and happy life. Jacinda Meiklejohn
Jacinda Meiklejohn, Exercise Physiologist and Wellness Coach

Thank you Alison! With only a few sessions, I felt a shift inside of me. My outlook was healthier and realistic! I became aware of the real me. The struggles I went through are now my strengths. Now I CAN. I Can make changes, I Can support myself. I Can support others in a healthy relationship. I Can take time out for me. I Can give quality time to my loved one. I Can achieve my goals. And I am successful!
Nadia Stilo-Sosa

Improving low self worth I've been suffering a low self esteem for quite some time . I was told about spiritual healing and the benefits from this practice. My first appointment with Alison I found I had was left feeling so much calmer .I had a clear mind and felt like I had released a lot of baggage that  I was carrying. I would definitely recommend this if you are suffering any problems that you need to let go of and feel alive again . Louise - Brisbane

Transformation and resolution in personal life

I've been working with Alison for some months now.
My experience of her is a practitioner is of an insightful & deeply caring soul. She offers a remarkable understanding of the human condition coupled with compassion. Alison brings a raw authenticity in her guidance & a seemingly never-ending safety as I navigate the issues I seek to transform & resolve. Simply put, Alison is truly kind in her every move to serve me as her client as I navigate my personal challenges. I would recommend her to anyone seeking to take on those areas that you are resigned about. This woman is love and power on legs.

Sarah - Eastern Suburbs Sydney


Beautiful Birthing Experience "Alison provided a beautiful space for my inner process to unfold before the birth of my child. I am forever indebted to Alison for clearing my fear and opening me to a clarity of vision and heartfelt sweetness I would draw on for weeks to come. When my daughter arrived I realised how true that vision was, as the birth was guided at every step and I was able to flow with everything moment to moment." Erin Levee
Erin Levee, Owner, Emerge Yoga

Fee lighter & smiling more Post 1 session

I’ve had a few sessions with other practitioners over the last 2 years but never felt lighter after . I have had one session with Alison and after felt a shift i have caught myself smiling for no reason and feel that this journey to heal and clear all my emotional baggage is achievable there is  light at the  end of this  tunnel . I wanted to heal myself but have been stuck for 2 years working with Alison I feel I’m doing this with gentle guidance . I found Alison on u tube and straight away liked  her and her  style of eft .

knowledgeable and empathetic practitioner


I've had my first EFT session with Alison and the 90min flew by. My doctor had recommended me to see her and I am beginning to understand why my doctor chose Alison amongst all the other EFT practitioners. She was very generous, warm and knowledgeable, she knew how to hold me steady when a wave of a difficult memory passed through in me. She had so much to offer to assist with my condition, I am so looking forward to working with her for more. I am sure there will be tons of additional positive things to say as I have several more sessions with her.

Teenager releases panic attacks in 3 sessions

Hi my name is Aleks I'm 14 years old and I have used tapping to improve my sleeping issues such as panic attacks and fears when waking up at night. I have found tapping extremely useful to clear my mind and help me with the fears and be able to stop my panic attacks at night. It helps bring up the thoughts that are buried in everything and bring them up and release them in a calm and easy way. It has also helped me with my stress and worry and there are many different ways to use it. I would highly recommend it to other teenagers as it has helped me a lot.

Aleks - Sydney

Searching for Joy
I started seeing Alison at HappiSoul both as an EFT practitioner and Teacher for the past few years, I set out learning EFT to become a practitioner and set myself a goal what was it I wanted to get out of EFT, the main thing was to be reconnected to my own source and personal JOY. I finished my EFT practitioner training a week or so ago, and am now qualified thank you, Alison, for your professionalism your guidance and your soft gentle approach it has changed my life profoundly, today after mediation and doing an EFT session with a client, I got it. I actually am having moments of pure joy which feels great and strange but exciting, as I have been longing for this forever. I am so grateful for this journey and have loved it, you are a real gem, I have changed in so many ways forever, this is brilliant. So excited about the future, and actually no feeling like I need to force anything which is strange for me. If you want to change your life and be the person you want to be I can not recommend Alison highly enough, just do it.Thanks Alison
Cameron Bishop - Massage and EFT Therapist

Feeling at ease
I became interested in tapping and started searching for practitioners in Sydney. When Alison's website popped up on my search it immediately spoke to me. The words 'happisoul' described exactly what I was looking for!
I didn't really know what to expect but when I met Alison I immediately felt at ease. Alison has a way of talking to you about whatever is coming up, that makes all the things you thought were crazy sound completely natural. She's very skilled at being able to understand what you are wanting to work on (and I have a long list!) and brining it together with the right words to address using the technique. As well as being a very warm person that genuinely cares.
I really enjoy my time with Alison and what I experience using the technique. Im only 2 sessions in but already I have started to notice the difference.
I'd recommend Alison's service to anyone interested in using this technique.
Jen - Sydney

Life long fear released

My name is Danielle and I was wanting to experience tapping with a professional trainer. I have been doing EFT tapping on my own and I felt I was not getting the result that I should with all the positive write ups and testimonials on EFT tapping. I decided to find an EFT therapist in Sydney and I found Alison.  I went to my scheduled appointment for a full 1.5 hrs session with an open mind and no expectations. I had this FEAR which happened when I was 9 years of age and carrying it around inside me for 40 years. I always pushed the fear aside but there was always a shadow somehow. My session with Alison was very honest and this was the first time ever i revealed my truth on the subject. Alison straight away knew the scenes and trauma associated with my experience and together we tapped away with her guidance and knowing. My deepest and only fear that was holding me back for a joyful life has been released.  I am grateful for Alison's work .  Thank you Thank you Thank you. Danielle - Randwick

Alison is a very gifted EFT facilitator. In my session with Alison she was clearly present and listening deeply. With her expert guidance, I uncovered some deeply imbedded limiting beliefs that have kept me from moving forward in healing from CFS and in my business as a holistic health coach and blogger. Together we uncovered previously unknown territory; this was especially exciting because I wasn't even aware of these blocks and now that they are conscious I know where my work is! Alison skillfully helped me face my fear and sadness and move past it with compassion, love and acceptance of what I had done and who I was because of it. Thank you Alison for our powerful EFT session and I look forward to many more, peeling the onion layers, to reveal the true, happy and healthy me.
Amy Down - Business owner @MummyMoJo

Confidence I just wanted to thank you again for your support and facilitation in my healing journey. I experienced such a profound shift during our session and have been feeling stronger within myself, and my own confidence levels, and flow of communication ever since. Michell Carnochan
Michelle Carnochan, Sydney

A Major Shift

Alison recently helped me clear a huge block in my life and I now have so much more clarity and understanding on where I didn’t before. I knew immediately who I needed to help me with this. Thank you Ali you really are amazing x

Sophie Coogee

Deep healing

I have been practising tapping (or eft) for years and have personally achieved many things through the use of this powerful tool, including giving up smoking, overcoming depression, and finding happiness. But I have never been able to achieve the deep level of healing that I have achieved with Alison's help. I first went to Alison about 2 months ago and have gone from being extremely resistant to losing weight, to losing 9kgs in four weeks and still going strong!! I cannot thank her enough and I am looking forward achieving more of my goals with Alison's help. With gratitude and appreciation love Melissa

Melissa Franklin- Sydney

Stress Relief & Creating A New Life

"Alison absolutely taught me how to take control of challenging emotions & deal with stress in a way that has profoundly changed my life for the better, so much so that I have been able move through those challenges and create a whole new life for myself. Thank you Alison!" Tara Atkinson

Tara Atkinson, Owner, Skills To Thrive

Self Love

Your intuitive and encouraging work with me last week (can't believe it was only a week ago) has really been of great benefit. It's hard to explain but I can feel that something internal has fundamentally shifted and I'm just finding myself so much more positive. Something has definitely clicked differently. Sarah Gray

Sarah Gray, Teacher, North Sydney

Career change and belief systems I am just embarking on a new career in corporate training and have going through self doubt and a lack of self confidence as to whether I could deliver a successful training session that was both enjoyable and informative with good content and delivery. I went to see Alison in order to work on my limiting beliefs and get over my fear of getting in front of a group of people and delivering a 2 hour workshop. I am delighted to say that it has done wonders. I have just come back from the training session I delivered with a new confidence and a totally new belief system. I know it wasn’t just me, I did the exercises that Alison showed me before my delivery and even a clever little one when I first started and when I felt the nerves coming on. I am very pleased with the way the whole presentation went and got some excellent feedback. I found Alison very approachable, down to earth and easy to talk to and work with. The techniques were great and they worked far better than when I tried to do this myself. I look forward to working with Alison again through other issues. Snezana Ulbrich
Snezana Ulbrich, Soft Skills Trainer, Sydney

After a long wait I have finally completed level 1 workshop with Alison. I came away a very calm more at peace with myself. With a taste of what I can get out of Alison's training. I found Alison to be a very warm down to earth very good at what she does which gives me confidence that I am in he right place with the right couch (teacher&trainer). I've always believed eft worked. But it was something out there not available to everyone and certainly not to me. Thanks to Alison it is in my sight there for the taking and with Alison it is possible for me. Can't wait to do level 2. I feel Alison's support and encouragement behind me. I recommend Alison's workshops very highly to everyone. Nancy Sydney
Naciye Ergun

Identifying the root cause.

Alison has an easy and relaxing manner that bellies her skill at being able to get to the "real" issue rapidly. You walk in thinking you have an agenda on what to work on then she quickly identifies the actual issues that need working on. This is the second time I have worked with her and would recommend her to anyone prepared to explore long lasting solutions to life's challenges.

Removing blocks from trauma. The work Alison has done with me has been absolutely transformational . Helping to remove blocks from past trauma that I thought I'd never release, whilst all the time keeping me in a safe space to guide me through the process . Each time I see Alison I have moved on in my healing leaps and bounds . I've seen my fair share of therapists and this by far is the most beneficial and life changing coaching I've ever had . Alison's warm and cosy practice with her nurturing personality makes you feel so incredibly comfortable . I highly recommend Alison as a practitioner and also a trainer , after completing level 1 & 2 I am now moving forward to my practitioner training with Alison . She literally feels like a gift in your life . Thank you so much Ali x

Relief from daily anxiety.

For the first time in a very long time I have a fantastic tool at my fingertips to help me address anxiety and concerns on a daily basis. With each practice I am resolving and clearing many limiting beliefs and negative thought processes.
It would not have been possible had I not been guided successfully by Alison.
It has been an uplifting experience to receive tapping coaching from Alison who is extremely insightful and thoughtful in her assistance and guidance.
Gratitude to you Alison! 

Fear of Heights "As far as I could remember I'd had an extreme fear of heights. Although this generally hadn't had a huge impact on my day to day life, at times it had prevented me from enjoying certain experiences as fear would take over. When I asked Ali for help, to be honest, I wasn't sure, it seemed odd to be tapping at first but the results were amazing. I can now climb to the top of high buildings and go to 'look out' points and admire the view without feeling terrified and my heart racing. I can't thank Ali enough. She is a wonderful person with a beautiful calm, positive healing energy but down to earth and fun too. She also showed me some tapping techniques which I now regularly use on myself if I'm feeling stressed or having problems sleeping. I don't exactly know how it works but EFT works and it's life changing" Sophie Gray

Sophie Smyth, Sydney, Australia

Ex Police officer releases old trauma

I found Alison's EFT techniques to be extremely useful in releasing old emotional trauma. 

I am an ex-police officer of 30 years with PTSD (chronic and severe). I have tried most conventional techniques that modern psychiatry has to offer with little effect.  I can recommend Alison as a way to release the pressure valve that builds up with work of this nature.  I am not healed but it has definitely helped. 

MD - Australia

Transformational - Healing in leaps and bounds
The work Alison has done with me has been absolutely transformational . Helping to remove blocks from past trauma that I thought I'd never release, whilst all the time keeping me in a safe space to guide me through the process . Each time I see Alison I have moved on in my healing leaps and bounds . I've seen my fair share of therapists and this by far is the most beneficial and life changing coaching I've ever had . Alison's warm and cosy practice with her nurturing personality makes you feel so incredibly comfortable . I highly recommend Alison as a practitioner and also a trainer , after completing level 1 & 2 I am now moving forward to my practitioner training with Alison . She literally feels like a gift in your life .
Thank you so much Ali
Sophie Dixon

Releasing financial blocks
Earlier this week I had a 90 minute session with Alison from HappiSoul. I had noticed that I had some resistance to being willing to charge my clients for my services as an Integrative Counsellor and Coach new to Private Practice. I had been giving my heart centred sessions for free to everyone who felt called to receive and had loved how it felt to give without expecting anything back. Unfortunately not charging will NOT pay the bills for my private practice rent and expenses! Alison gently helped me uncover the feelings that i would somehow lose my authenticity, integrity and my beautiful connections with people if I started charging. I also had a long held belief that if I can I 'should' just give away my services as my father had. Well he ended up resentful and burnt out but I won't. Through the session I came to reframe my relationship with money which of course is just a currency, an energy- like anything else. I have able to support others with this relationship with money but forgotten to help myself! I no longer feel any charge or intensity around having a set fee because I truly believe what I'm offering is a valuable investment to people's wellbeing. I feel a new sense of freedom and excitement that I can help others AND get paid what I'm worth!
Cat Nyika
Thanks Alison xx

Alison is an excellent practitioner

I have been working with Alison for 10 years. She is warm, patient, insightful, inspiring and kind. You won't find a better EFT practitioner. I highly recommend working with Alison and I would go so far as to say that a session with Alison can replace multiple sessions with other practitioners.

Virginia Baker - Master Coach Certified Money Coach The Money Project

Feeling so much lighter

My session with Ali was exactly what I needed. I trust Alison implicitly, as her experience and skill was evident from the first interactions I had with her. I felt very comfortable being vulnerable with her, and trusting her with my issues. She did Matrix Reimprinting with me, and I have barely thought about that problem since. Her practice is safe and gentle, and she’s warm and caring. As a fellow EFT practitioner and a “fussy cat” by nature, I can highly recommend Alison’s professionalism and skill. And she’s a lovely person to boot! I happily recommend my friends, and some clients to her when it feels like I’m not the right person. And they’ve all been happy too.

Jules Vandermaat

Fear of blood tests and needles

I have only had 1 session with Alison to assist me with a phobia of blood tests. We covered a lot in the first session and it was amazing what attachments i had made to past experiences and emotions that i had no idea were laying below the surface. I felt more peaceful and relaxed after the session and look forward to another one.

Natalie - Inner West Sydney

Reducing anxiety with tight academic deadline

An EFT tapping session with Alison was incredibly helpful in reducing the effects anxiety and limiting beliefs that I have dealt with for years.  Facing a very tight academic deadline, I was experiencing severe anxiety on top of the years of limiting beliefs that had held me back during undergrad and graduate school.  Emotionally, I was all tied up in knots.

Alison led me through EFT techniques with real compassion and genuine concern for my well-being.   There was a moment after Alison guided be through several rounds of EFT therapy, where I felt a physical release in my brain.  I could actually feel the anxiety release, which produced a tangible feeling of peacefulness that I had not felt in years.  I was amazed at how effective EFT tapping was in releasing my severe anxiety over my impending deadline.  The session with Alison and the recording that she custom made for me allowed me to perform at my best.  I really needed to write and think at a high level to complete my 2nd draft.  Anxiety and feelings of panic can stand in the way of achieving and better more peaceful life and reaching specific goals.  EFT tapping with Alison was the approach that I needed to deal with these intense feelings.  I felt incredible after my session.  I could not stop smiling afterwards, that is how happy I felt.

Something definitely changed for the better during my session with Alison.  With Alison’s genuine and heartfelt guidance, I experience freedom from my anxiety.  Alison taught me techniques so that I could continue to experience relief from limiting beliefs and emotions that kept me stuck for years.  I was able to think and write much more freely after EFT.  For instance, I was able to write a new conclusion chapter to my dissertation in one day.  I was writing the best work I had written.  My adviser was extremely happy with the second draft of my dissertation.  I was amazed at how much work I did over such a short about of time.

I would definitely recommend EFT to others in undergrads, graduate students, or other professionals seeking to perform at their best and deal with the anxiety over large projects.  I will be scheduling more sessions as I finish up my dissertation and get on the job market. Thank you again Alison.

Joshua, graduate student from Minneapolis

Chronic Joint Pain and emotional release Jane McDermott, BeNutritionWhen I called Alison I’d been bedridden for a month and unable to work. Along with the physical pain I was emotionally depleted.  My pain was above 10. I have now been in remission for around 20 months of all symptoms. In my last blood tests my blood markers for autoimmunity were down by 60%. Alison would safely take my mind back into mostly childhood memories and look at the belief systems I’d set up. Through tapping and visualisation, my adult self would talk to my childhood self and we would set up new beliefs. I experience a lot of emotional and physical relief through working with Alison. I always feel lighter, pain-free and more aware of myself. This awareness has positively changed my reactions to everyday situations – freeing me from stress. I made drastic changes in my life in addition to EFT - I completely overhauled my diet to heal my digestive system.  My remission came from a combination of nutritional therapy, lifestyle changes and EFT. Alison’s work has awakened parts of me that I did not know existed. Her work gave me permission to lose the baggage and enjoy life with a clean canvas. For other people suffering Rheumatoid Arthritis I would suggest working through the physical and emotional triggers for your condition. There’s a way to heal from this condition and there is a way to live with it. I am proof.
Jane McDermott –Business owner - Be Nutrition

Catherine O'SullivanEFT Training Graduate Testimonial I went to Alison to obtain my certification as an AAMET EFT Practitioner. She was a skilled and extremely personable trainer who was with us every step of the way during our training. Her expert knowledge of the subject matter was evident and she was able to impart this to her students. I came away feeling that I had not only received my certification, I had also received a lesson in how to conduct myself with clients in the future. I couldn’t recommend Alison highly enough as a person or as a trainer.
Catherine O'Sullivan, EFT Training Graduate, Sydney

Self-love & ConfidenceAlice Kidman, EFT Client I have been lucky enough to have experienced some amazing EFT sessions with Alison both individually and within a group and I highly recommend her! She is insightful, caring and a very intuitive practitioner who has the ability to help you work through issues that you might not even be able to put into words. She has a wonderful energy and her passion and experience makes her a brilliant therapist. She has the ability to improve your life and is just such a caring and lovely person.
Alice Kidman, Owl Creative, Sydney

"Alison introduced EFT to me when I was in a dark place; I found (after just one session) EFT cathartic and invigorating: I could not wait to experience EFT again!  The sessions have been conducted over the phone and have been extremely successful.
Over a distance of thousands of miles, Ali has been able to send therapeutic energies; Emotional Freedom Technique's curative power has begun for me. To be healthy, mentally and physically is a blessing; I will continue to experience EFT, promoting a healthier mind and body.
Thank you Alison for all your help and support"
Julian Pope, UK

Clearing of personal limiting beliefs "I really value and have benefited greatly from EFT/Matrix sessions with Alison. These sessions helped me break through some deep rooted issues and limiting beliefs which I have carried for most of my life. I have used EFT before but feel the Matrix Re-imprinting technique, together with Alison's guidance, helped me get to the root cause of issues I was experiencing with relationships and self esteem. I have noticed positive, tangible changes in my life from these sessions and I would highly recommend sessions with Alison to anyone who wants to break limiting patterns of thinking and behaviour or to anyone who just feels stuck. Alison is a master of these techniques and I look forward to more sessions with her."
Paul, South Sydney

Social Shyness
"The first thing that struck me about Alison was her professionalism. She quickly made me feel comfortable before diving right into it, and we managed to cover a lot of ground in each session. Since then I have experienced a lot more peace and happiness in my life, and a renewed excitement and motivation. Alison also showed me a few very effective things I can do on my own should I find myself in my old patterns, which I have found very useful."
Brendan, Sydney

Negative Memories “I’ve had a number of sessions with Alison and I cannot recommend her highly enough.  I find her incredibly easy to talk to which is a huge headstart as you almost instantly feel comfortable in divulging your innermost thoughts, fears and emotions; things you wouldn’t even discuss with your closest friends. By being so open,  you get straight to the point and start working on view negative beliefs.

The results from my sessions with Alison have been quite impressive in the sense that previous negative memories have been transformed to a point where they no longer have control over me in a negative way or how I view myself. Stuff which used to bother me doesn’t even matter anymore.
Alison’s combination of techniques really tackled issues head-on and I would recommend her to anyone looking to finally relieve their mind of negative beliefs.”
Veronica, Sydney

Marriage Breakdown
“Alison is very professional in her approach but at the same time has a warmth & sense of humour that makes you feel very relaxed. She pushes just enough to make you get some personal things out in the open but never makes you feel uncomfortable while doing it.
I had read a bit of information about EFT before contacting Alison but was still astonished by the changes a few sessions with her have brought to my life. After going through a long term marriage separation that involved children & feeling all the emotions that were apart of that, like guilt, shame, anger, blame etc. to steadily see my emotions/feelings work their way up the mood chart was amazing in itself. We dredged up a lot of past events & worked on re-imprinting the beliefs & feelings I had about them.
Since our sessions I have noticed different people being receptive to me & inviting me into their lives to those that were previously. People whom are much more positive & uplifting because I believe my own energy has moved into that space & that is who I now attract.
I’ve also noticed myself taking small actions that I previously found difficult that are all adding to a much more enjoyable life. Simple things like jumping off bridges into water, swimming in the surf, asking others for help, things that always held some form of reluctance/fear are now easy. The Matrix Reimprinting was especially valuable here.”
Nick, Sydney

Fear Of Public Speaking I had been an issue for me since high school. Even just the thought of it was enough to raise my heart rate. It got to the point where my fear was really holding me back. With a presentation looming, I turned to EFT in the hope that it might help. In the end it exceeded my wildest dreams. A single session with Alison as well as solo follow up sessions at home led to miraculous results. I was barely nervous in the lead up to the presentation, and on the actual day I walked confidently to the podium, turned to smile at the audience, and proceeded to speak calmly and confidently for an hour. It was like I had become a different person. I still can’t quite believe it happened. Now I’m recommending EFT to everyone.
Joanna - Sydney Uni Student

An Enlightening Effect
“I had been working with EFT on my own for a while and found it an effective and immediate healing tool. I heard about Alison and was interested to work with a practitioner of EFT. I found the results incredibly powerful.
Alison makes you feel completely comfortable and safe.  Alison has an amazing intuition that allows you to be guided and healed in a loving and safe environment. The work with Alison has given me insight into my past and my behaviour in the present.
The most amazing aspect of working with Alison, EFT and matrix re-imprinting is the potential for acknowledging the past, releasing it and moving forward with a more positive and enlightened state of mind.
I cannot recommend Alison highly enough.”
Melony, Sydney

Self-Acceptance Yes, I've fallen in love with myself and I feel pretty good about that! I most definitely feel a transformed perspective in relation to my childhood. I feel it physically and emotionally. Thank you so much for your caring and integrity. I greatly appreciate it.
Rebecca - Sydney

Yvette Miley“Alison, I appreciated the safe environment you provided in the Level 2 Course (Nth Sydney, 2013).  In fact, I felt so safe I volunteered to clear my childhood trauma in front of the group. I believe this was possible due to the heart connection. I would recommend Alison as a facilitator to study EFT for either self-help or as a practitioner. Her emotional intelligence, strength, kindness and sense of humour is beyond reproach.”
Yvette Miley, Level 2 Practitioner of EFT, Advanced Kinesiologist & Facilitator

Workplace conflict “After a prolonged period of workplace conflict, Ali’s tapping released pent-up emotion that I had been carrying around for several months without realising the detrimental affect it was having on my health. After crying quite spontaneously for a few minutes during the tapping, I felt a distinct cognitive shift. I enjoyed the relief of laughter and feeling like what had been bogging me down for months was simply not worth worrying about. It was a joyful release from conflict that inspired real courage. Soon after I lodged a formal complaint against a manager who had consistently belittled my achievements and over the course of 12 months, changed my whole experience of work to being a source of conflict and despair that was really bringing me down. Once I had the courage to act, I easily won an internal workplace battle and was then immediately successful in finding a great new job. I resigned from the workplace that did not allow me to flourish and will never allow another to wield that power over me again.”
Janice, Sydney

Releasing Emotional Trauma to Heal Brain Tumor I began seeing Alison a few weeks after learning that I had contracted a particularly aggressive form of cancer. To deal with the fear that the diagnosis raised I began to tap on myself, learning the process awkwardly from information on the net.  I found a level of relief that was unexpected so decided to find a practitioner who could perhaps take me through the coming months I knew would be filled with decisions and terrors. We began working With Alison and I saw her once a week in person or sometimes by Skype.  I decided quite quickly that I would not take orthodox treatment and faced the specter of the oncologist’s prognosis using tapping.  Alison and I also explored and released many family traumas and the resentment that I held around those. Alison is very compassionate and delicate in her approach but she does not shrink from the hard stuff.  She tapped me through deep traumas that caused overpowering emotion to rise.  She would allow this emotion expression and then gently continue to let me feel it so it would release.  It was amazing to discover such levels of peace and humour seconds/minutes after, in one particular session, feeling the pain of a primal abandonment. Of course my response to cancer encompassed a complete change in lifestyle including diet and supplements but I know that EFT kept me in my body enough to make the right choices and dissolved the immune suppressing fear.  I think it is worth mentioning that my firm belief at the time was that tapping could shrink the tumour.  Looking back alive 12 months after I had 100% chance of death (according to the oncologist), it is clear that my intuition was functioning accurately at a high level. I am convinced we all “know” what we need in any given situation we just need to deal with the fear of doing it differently.  EFT deals with fear quickly, easily and once learned you can do it yourself.
Alex McAlees, Social Worker, Sydney

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