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Testimonials from Happi Clients

Read what some of my clients say about my work and their success…


Yes, I’ve fallen in love with myself and I feel pretty good about that!

I most definitely feel a transformed perspective in relation to my childhood. I feel it physically and emotionally.

Thank you so much for your caring and integrity. I greatly appreciate it.

Rebecca - Sydney


I just wanted to thank you again for your support and facilitation in my healing journey. I experienced such a profound shift during our session and have been feeling stronger within myself, and my own confidence levels, and flow of communication ever since.

Michell Carnochan

Michelle Carnochan, Sydney

Self Love

Your intuitive and encouraging work with me last week (can’t believe it was only a week ago) has really been of great benefit. It’s hard to explain but I can feel that something internal has fundamentally shifted and I’m just finding myself so much more positive. Something has definitely clicked differently.

Sarah Gray

Sarah Gray, Teacher, North Sydney

Fear Of Public Speaking

“I had been an issue for me since high school. Even just the thought of it was enough to raise my heart rate. It got to the point where my fear was really holding me back. With a presentation looming, I turned to EFT in the hope that it might help. In the end it exceeded my wildest dreams. A single session with Alison as well as solo follow up sessions at home led to miraculous results. I was barely nervous in the lead up to the presentation, and on the actual day I walked confidently to the podium, turned to smile at the audience, and proceeded to speak calmly and confidently for an hour. It was like I had become a different person. I still can’t quite believe it happened. Now I’m recommending EFT to everyone.”

Joanna - Sydney Uni Student

An Enlightening Effect

“I had been working with EFT on my own for a while and found it an effective and immediate healing tool. I heard about Alison and was interested to work with a practitioner of EFT. I found the results incredibly powerful. Alison makes you feel completely comfortable and safe.  Alison has an amazing intuition that allows you to be guided and healed in a loving and safe environment. The work with Alison has given me insight into my past and my behaviour in the present. The most amazing aspect of working with Alison, EFT and matrix re-imprinting is the potential for acknowledging the past, releasing it and moving forward with a more positive and enlightened state of mind. I cannot recommend Alison highly enough.”

Melony, Sydney

Cathartic & Invigorating

“Alison introduced EFT to me when I was in a dark place; I found (after just one session) EFT cathartic and invigorating: I could not wait to experience EFT again!  The sessions have been conducted over the phone and have been extremely successful.

Over a distance of thousands of miles, Ali has been able to send therapeutic energies; Emotional Freedom Technique’s curative power has begun for me. To be healthy, mentally and physically is a blessing; I will continue to experience EFT, promoting a healthier mind and body.

Thank you Alison for all your help and support”

Julian Pope, UK