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how to tap – learn the basic technique  then find the video that applies to you

Self love

EFT Temporal Tapping – ‘I am good enough’

Forgiving yourself using EFT Tapping

EFT to end suffering & the struggle with life


EFT Tapping for corporate burnout & adrenal fatigue

EFT Tapping to address frustration with not healing

EFT Tapping and healing the liver

relief from anxiety

Clearing Fear and Worry

Anxiety quick tap

Relief from anxiety longer version

Releasing fear about global warming, enabling hope and Action

Overwhelm and a busy mind

get motivated

Creating magical possibilities tap along

Setting up your day with EFT tapping

Procrastination and motivation

Don’t know what to say when tapping


Creating balance. Release the addiction to your device.


Fast sugar craving relief

Grounding Energy Techniques

5 min morning meditation with Alison van Vuuren from Happisoul

Creating Magical Possibilities


Presence and being here NOW


What is Matrix Reimprinting? Interview with Alison van Vuuren and Claire Obeid, The Wellness Project

EFT The new alternative therapy taking on traditional psychology

Talking Tapping and EFT with Alison van Vuuren

Benefits of Yoga and EFT Tapping Together Soul Harmony Yoga & Happisoul

EFT Tapping Self Love & Acceptance with Alison Monaghan & David Childerley

HappiSoul Resources Recommended by Alison Monaghan

Work With Me

Change Low Self-Esteem, Old Patterns & Overwhelm Into Confidence & Inner Peace!

Thanks & Acknowledgements:

Gary Craig who so generously brought this amazing technique to the world to share.

In addition, I give thanks to Andrew Lewis whom I trained with. Andrew has a very down to earth approach and is great fun when learning these amazing techniques.
Karl Dawson and Sasha Alenby have developed this amazing technique Which has evolved after experimenting and working with Gary Craigs EFT.
Photography by LittleLovePhotography.com.au – Cristina Mahony
Photos taken at The Modern Furniture and Papi Chulo in Manly, Sydney.

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