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HappiSoul EFT Video Library

How to Tap – learn the basic technique, then find the video that applies to you.

How to do tapping

How to do the 9 Gamut

How to do a quick tap

Constricted breathing technique demonstration

How to do simple tapping with Kids

Self Love

EFT Tapping – forgiving yourself
EFT to end suffering & the struggle with life

Return to self – 1 min 5 times a day


EFT Tapping for corporate burnout & adrenal fatigue
EFT Tapping to address frustration with not healing
EFT Tapping and healing the liver
EFT Tapping for Releasing neck and shoulder pain
EFT Tapping for improving sleep – Let go of your intense day!
EFT for lung & respiratory issues. Breath easier
5 min morning meditation with Alison van Vuuren from Happisoul
Creating Magical Possibilities
Presence and being here NOW

Relief from Anxiety & Stress

Emotional relief during turbulent times
Relief from anxiety longer version
Overwhelm and a busy mind
Tapping for anxiety relief – quick version
Reduce stress around kids and their devices
End suffering and the struggle with life

Instant overwhelm relief from pandemic

We will get through this

Release fear of getting sick

Clearing Fear and Worry
Reduce fear of global warming
Feeling trapped & under pressure/in quarantine
Feeling under pressure

Get Motivated

Release limitations

Release resistance to getting stuck in!
Don’t know what to say when tapping?
Setting up your day with EFT tapping
Release brain fog – feel clear and zippy!


Creating balance. Release the addiction to your device
Fast sugar craving relief


Tapping & Matrix reimprinting podcast – When we release trauma, we heal deeply
What is Matrix Reimprinting? Interview with Alison van Vuuren and Claire Obeid, The Wellness Project
Talking Tapping and EFT with Alison van Vuuren
EFT The new alternative therapy taking on traditional psychology
Benefits of Yoga and EFT Tapping Together Soul Harmony Yoga & Happisoul