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Life Coaching Using Emotional Freedom Technique & Matrix Reimprinting With Alison van Vuuren

Supporting You To Release Trauma, Pain & Overwhelm allowing you to return to your Natural State of Being – Joy & Inner-Peace.

Alison van Vuuren, EFT & Matrix Reimprinting, HappiSoul.com

Happi-Soul [Definition]

Happy – Blessed, Content. Flourish, Untroubled, Satisfied Soul – Mental and/or Emotional State of Well-Being Alison van Vuuren (Monaghan), HappiSoul.com

Why HappiSoul was created?

With over 30 years experience, Alison is able to assist you to begin to return to a state of wellness, inner peace and aliveness. Alison can support you to release discomfort and trauma within your body, mind or soul to reveal that calmer place within you. This includes any conditioned responses and limiting beliefs that were created based on your past like “Something is wrong with me” and “I’m not good enough”. We create beliefs based on our life experiences and the environment we find ourselves in.

It’s how we process this information and what we then make them mean that can cause the Dis-Ease. Alison simply loves being a powerful facilitator for change! Allowing you to become more present, experience peace, contentment, compassion, joy and ease, all of which are your natural state of being. When we commit to taking the journey within by getting to know our selves better, using the challenges in our life as opportunities for growth, we are far more equipped to enjoy a colourful life.

When you choose to engage on this path with me, you will immediately receive unique support, including the implementation of powerful tools like EFT Tapping and Matrix Re-imprinting, because they work. You can learn more about tapping by watching my video below.

An Introduction To HappiSoul!


Alison van Vuuren (Monaghan), EFTi Accredited Certified EFT Trainer and Practitioner


Alison Monaghan, EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, HappiSoul.com

Why Should You Work With Alison?

“I am experienced enough to powerfully take where you know you’ve been meaning to go, but just not got around to it…until NOW!”

Alison van Vuuren (Monaghan)

Would You Like To Know More?

As Featured In Good Health Magazine

Alison Van Vuuren, featured in Good Health Magazine

Does Tapping really work for chronic pain and emotional distress? You bet it does!  Read all about how the powerful EFT tapping technique supported Jane McDermott back to her own good health in this months Good Health Magazine. The reputable publication approached me regarding an article they planned to run on alternative pain management. Upon being asked if they could interview one of my clients who had come to me with ’emotional stress and physical pain issues’, I knew immediately who I would like to choose; Jane McDermott from Be Nutrition. I am eager to share this with you, as I know many of you will benefit when you hear how another human being who, with my support, has committed to healing herself. It’s important to recognise that Jane integrated other healing methods such as changing her diet, in addition to using the powerful tool EFT and Matrix reimprinting.

Follow the Journey To Wellness

EFT Coaching with Alison Monaghan


Coaching with Alison is a powerful & empowering experience, taking you on a journey within to release emotional & physical pain. Feel lighter, more confident & fulfill your dreams.
EFT Teaching with Alison Monaghan


Learn how to Tap or become EFTi Certified with EFT Levels 1 & 2 Courses. Workshops available October 2014, have fun whilst learning how to use these cutting-edge techniques.

Have You Tried EFT & Matrix Reimprinting? Read Some Happi Clients Feedback…

Lisa WinnekeSelf Esteem & Worthiness

“The last four sessions have been pretty amazing and I want to say thank you again! You have been a wonderful support in facilitating some huge shifts around my self esteem, worthiness and being deserving. As a result my mind and body feel different – like they have both been transformed to a brighter place! I am really starting to feel and believe that I can create the world I desire. Whether that’s more peace; more love; more clients or that holiday house! My heart is filled with gratitude and you have helped make this possible.Thank you Alison and I will defintely stay in touch.”

Lisa Winneke, Owner, The Joy Solution

Fear Of Public Speaking
“I had been an issue for me since high school. Even just the thought of it was enough to raise my heart rate. It got to the point where my fear was really holding me back. With a presentation looming, I turned to EFT in the hope that it might help. In the end it exceeded my wildest dreams. A single session with Alison as well as solo follow up sessions at home led to miraculous results. I was barely nervous in the lead up to the presentation, and on the actual day I walked confidently to the podium, turned to smile at the audience, and proceeded to speak calmly and confidently for an hour. It was like I had become a different person. I still can’t quite believe it happened. Now I’m recommending EFT to everyone.”
Joanna - Sydney Uni Student

An Enlightening Effect
“I had been working with EFT on my own for a while and found it an effective and immediate healing tool. I heard about Alison and was interested to work with a practitioner of EFT. I found the results incredibly powerful. Alison makes you feel completely comfortable and safe.  Alison has an amazing intuition that allows you to be guided and healed in a loving and safe environment. The work with Alison has given me insight into my past and my behaviour in the present. The most amazing aspect of working with Alison, EFT and matrix re-imprinting is the potential for acknowledging the past, releasing it and moving forward with a more positive and enlightened state of mind. I cannot recommend Alison highly enough.”
Melony, Sydney

Relationships & Deep-Rooted Issues

“I really value and have benefited greatly from EFT/Matrix sessions with Alison. These sessions helped me break through some deep rooted issues and limiting beliefs which I have carried for most of my life. I have used EFT before but feel the Matrix Reimprinting technique, together with Alison’s guidance, helped me get to the root cause of issues I was experiencing with relationships and self esteem. I have noticed positive, tangible changes in my life from these sessions and I would highly recommend sessions with Alison to anyone who wants to break limiting patterns of thinking and behaviour or to anyone who just feels stuck. Alison is a master of these techniques and I look forward to more sessions with her.”

Chris Collins, Sydney

Alison Monaghan, EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, HappiSoul.com

How I Work

I’m gentle and nurturing in my approach yet I don’t shy away from the tough stuff. I have helped people to attract that great relationship, start that new career or build that business. Release physical pain, get over fears and phobias like public speaking and social shyness. Release traumas and painful experiences and memories to giving up sugar and smoking!

Would You Like to work and play with me?


Teaching Is My Passion! Read What My EFT Levels 1&2 Training Students Say…

“Alison’s course is magic! You will leave a better person with a serious skill for your well-being and that of others”
Tim Guthrie, School Teacher, Canberra

“Alison has a great energy – light, open and relaxed she makes awkward situations easy and knows how to make somewhat “weird” tool very accessible”
Claire Obeid, Business Owner, Wellness Project

“Alison manages to blend a great mix of theory and practical exercises. The training is extremely flexible and taps into individual needs. Fantastic!”
Alice Walker, Psychologist and EFT Practitioner, Sydney

“Such a fantastic day. Not only did I get deep knowledge of EFT I also felt like I did some great work on myself”
Catherine Vautier, Business Owner, Queen of Chaos

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