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Vibrational Medicine Healing: Emotional Freedom Technique, Sound, Reiki & Matrix Reimprinting
Welcome to HappiSoul. Let me help you to create space so you can be more present, content and joyful – your natural state of being.
Alison Monaghan, EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, HappiSoul.com

Does This Sound Familiar?

Lost your mojo

Going round in circles?

Overwhelmed, in pain?

Feel sad, lonely, depressed?

Unmotivated, anxious, physically & emotionally unwell

Feel hopeless & trapped?

You deserve to have peace and balance as this is the essence of who you are.


How I can help

My passion is to assist you with your own healing. 

We create beliefs based on our life experiences and the environment we find ourselves in.

It’s how we process this information and the meaning we attach to them that can then cause Dis-Ease in our bodies. 

When we commit to taking the journey within by getting to know ourselves better, using the challenges in our life as opportunities for growth, we are far more equipped to enjoy a colourful life.

I have over 33 years experience of supporting people to release discomfort and trauma within the body, mind or soul and find a calmer place within.

I can help you create space to be present, experience peace, contentment, compassion, joy and ease, all of which are your natural state of being.

I utilise powerful tools like EFT Tapping, Reiki, Sound Healing and Matrix Re-Imprinting because I have seen first hand how successful these modalities are to facilitate change.

I share more about how I can work with you in my video above. 


Relationship Issues

Relationship Issues

Master Your Fears & Phobias

Overcome Fears/Phobias

Release Stress & Anxiety

Release Stress & Anxiety

Trauma Counselling

Trauma Counselling

Health & Disease

Health & Disease

Don't Be Shy, Get In Touch.

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Happi Client Feedback


Michelle Carnochan

I just wanted to thank you again for your support and facilitation in my healing journey. I experienced such a profound shift during our session and have been feeling stronger within myself, and my own confidence levels, and flow of communication ever since.

Michelle Carnochan, EFT Client, Sydney

Catherine O'Sullivan

I went to Alison to obtain my certification as an AAMET EFT Practitioner. She was a skilled and extremely personable trainer who was with us every step of the way during our training. Her expert knowledge of the subject matter was evident and she was able to impart this to her students. I came away feeling that I had not only received my certification, I had also received a lesson in how to conduct myself with clients in the future. I couldn’t recommend Alison highly enough as a person or as a trainer.

Catherine O'Sullivan, EFT Training Graduate, Sydney

Self Love

Sarah Gray

Your intuitive and encouraging work with me last week (can’t believe it was only a week ago) has really been of great benefit. It’s hard to explain but I can feel that something internal has fundamentally shifted and I’m just finding myself so much more positive. Something has definitely clicked differently.

Sarah Gray, School Teacher, North Sydney