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Welcome to HappiSoul.

Alison Monaghan, EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner,

Does this sound familiar?

Feel trapped?

Lost faith you can heal?

Overwhelmed & anxious?

Have unresolved trauma?

Feel alone and depressed?

Resentful & physically unwell?


Express yourself freely, heal and grow

How I can help

Firstly, you are your remedy.

I simply facilitate the release of what you are not at peace with, the roots of your pain, this blocks and inhibits the remedy, pure love healing you. Love is the essence of who you are.

With over 33 years experience supporting one to release discomfort and trauma, allowing for calm and comfort within, I am experienced to support you to become present, peaceful, joyful and compassionate towards yourself.

Harnessing powerful tools: EFT Tapping, Reiki, Sound Healing, aromatherapy and Matrix Re-Imprinting. I have seen first hand how successful these modalities are to facilitate lasting, deep change.

During your life you create patterns based on negative life experiences including toxic environments you find yourself in. It’s how you process this and the meaning you attach that creates Dis-Ease.

Commit to the journey within, heal your past, truly know yourself, using the challenges in life as opportunities for growth, you are then far more equipped to heal deeply and enjoy a vibrant life.

I share more about how I can work with you in my video below. 


Relationship Issues

Relationship Issues

Master Your Fears & Phobias

Overcome Fears/Phobias

Release Stress & Anxiety

Release Stress & Anxiety

Trauma Counselling

Trauma Counselling

Health & Disease

Health & Disease

Release, Realign, Reset. Therein lie your Pockets of Peace





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Happi Client Feedback


Michelle Carnochan

I just wanted to thank you again for your support and facilitation in my healing journey. I experienced such a profound shift during our session and have been feeling stronger within myself, and my own confidence levels, and flow of communication ever since.

Michelle Carnochan, EFT Client, Sydney

Trauma Release

Alison is incredible at identifying feelings and emotions/trauma and guiding you through them, especially through the EFT tapping experience. The skills I have attained in bettering my life through EFT have given me confidence in being able to live a life of inner peace, security and contentment.

Carmel, Sydney

Self Love

Sarah Gray

Your intuitive and encouraging work with me last week (can’t believe it was only a week ago) has really been of great benefit. It’s hard to explain but I can feel that something internal has fundamentally shifted and I’m just finding myself so much more positive. Something has definitely clicked differently.

Sarah Gray, School Teacher, North Sydney