Addicted to sugar? 4 steps to curb your cravings

Would you like to give your body a break from the highs and lows of a sugar addiction?

I did just that and although I now eat natural forming sugars through food (impossible to avoid) I no longer eat processed sugar and I feel so much better for it. EFT tapping is a powerful tool that can reduce and eventually stop cravings and addictions. Below I share four steps that can be used for your sugar craving (or any other unhealthy habit or addiction) including a focused guide on how to use EFT tapping for addictions.

Now I’m not professing that sugar is evil. You may not have an issue with digesting it at all. Dark Chocolate for example, is packed full of antioxidants and of course makes you feel really good! But if you feel you need to curb your sugar intake and at least give your body a break from the stress sugar can put on you, especially at times of sickness, stress, pregnancy etc. then try my four-step process below.

Benefits that I have experienced from curbing my sugar addiction include:

  • Improved flow of energy
  • Improved digestion
  • Increased awareness of sweetness in my food
  • No cravings for sweet things after something savory.
  • Chronic shoulder pain which I had for 2 yrs has practically gone (also supported by EFT and NET applications)
  • Toothache has stopped!

An addiction or craving is a pattern/habit that can be changed. EFT tapping is a powerful tool that can assist with curbing cravings and addictions. Below I share the steps I took for my sugar craving but the same process can used for other unhealthy habits, cravings and addictions.

The four steps to curbing sugar cravings & addiction

  1. Awareness
  2. Commitment & persistence
  3. Tools for support using EFT
  4. Replace the highs of sugar with healthier options

1. Awareness

You are aware and either ready to change now hence reading my BLOG or you’re about to change in the future.

This is what happened to me, when I was ready I just found myself becoming more and more aware of the desire to change the habit. I didn’t beat myself up too badly, instead became more aware of how sugar was making me “FEEL”

It’s about forgiving yourself and giving yourself permission to be human and have desires and needs at the same time honoring where you are at and giving yourself more love and consideration by consuming nurturing and nourishing foods

2.  Commitment & Persistence


It helps to declare that you are about to give it up:

  • Get your witness! Tells a friend/family member, ask them if they would like to join the challenge, make it fun! More likely to succeed if you have your witness.
  • Write it down “I’m replacing sugar with something that nourishes me instead. Can also use this in your tapping script as your setup statement.
  • Do my video twice a day.
  • Use the tapping script whenever you feel the urge to eat sugar. It only takes 2 Mins!


Sometimes patience and persistence are necessary. When you consider that you may have had this relationship/pattern with sugar since a kid, it’s worth honoring this and giving it more time by applying the steps several times, especially the simple tapping process.

3. Tools for supporting you

It can be a real challenge to simply stop, it’s possible but will take a lot longer and the cravings will likely return fairly quickly. However, with my tips and support, it doesn’t have to be that hard.

Implement these tools that I have developed for you and you will reduce your sugar cravings fast and you will feel better, calmer AND not only that when your tapping you are inadvertently addressing other hidden emotional disturbances without even directly tapping on them…Tapping BONUS!

Ta dahhh! The 2 magical tools are:

  1. EFT sugar craving tap-along video
  2. EFT sugar craving tapping script – download HERE

Here is the video to tap along to. I highly recommend that you have the tapping script handy. It outlines in detail the words and tapping process to follow.

Use the script on its own or follow my video or use both –  mix them up for maximum effect.

Still not getting the results?

You may need additional personalized support from me where I can guide you powerfully to the root cause of the addiction and the beliefs around it i.e.

  • I can’t do it
  • How will I feel good without sugar
  • How will I cope
  • I can’t say no I have no willpower
  • I’m Hopeless
  • I’m robbing myself of my only treat
  • Is not fair!

4. Replace highs of sugar with healthier options

My secret?I still sometimes have a desire for something sweet but I no longer have the mad craving that makes me feel out of control or a weakling!

So, I make my own bliss balls to satisfy that desire. You will find my favourite recipe on this PDF which includes the tapping script.

I strongly recommend you make these so you have something in the house to nibble on or take out with you in a bag.

Other healthy sweet fixes that I have include:

  • Handful of currents and almonds ( I keep in a Tupperware container in my handbag)
  • Licorice legs tea from T-2 I love this tea!
  • Fresh Pineapple


  1. Awareness
  2. Commitment & persistence
  3. Tools for support using EFT
  4. Replace the highs of sugar with healthier options

Need my personal support? Why not take advantage of my FREE 15 min consult – make a time HERE. I also have a free online tapping group where you can tap along with other people and get comfortable with EFT tapping.

Have you worked through the 4 steps and seen results? I would love to know. Share with me HERE.

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