AAMET Accredited EFT Levels 1 & 2

Get AAMET certified whilst learning all the basics of EFT to assist you to become confident at tapping on yourself, family and friends.

EFT  Level 1 Foundation

Next Workshops 2019

Coffs Harbour: 18-19 February

Venue: Parkes Drive, Korora

New South Wales 2450


“Discover the POWER and SIMPLICITY of Tapping.”

Join Alison van Vuuren and explore the wonderful technique of EFT.

Come for a unique, self-help, natural healing, tapping event that will make you feel better right away. Experience the power, the grace and the simplicity of EFT and come away from the training feeling happy, relaxed and light hearted; confident and competent in knowing how to use this profound self-help healing technique for yourself and with those that you love.

Bring a friend or two and find yourselves experiencing immediate benefits, changing your thoughts and beliefs for the better and creating renewed or restored emotional and physical wellbeing.

 About EFT

EFT is a simple, yet highly effective, healing process that uses your body’s inbuilt, innate stress release and self-healing system. By gently tapping with your fingertips a sequence of acupuncture points while you focus on the whatever it is that you would like to clear (physical pain, discomfort, emotions, feelings, memories or beliefs) you can heal and transform physical, emotional and spiritual issues.

This workshop is experiential, you will have fun whilst learning all the basics of EFT to assist you to become confident at tapping on yourself, family and friends including an introduction to:

  • Improving confidence, performance and well-being
  • Freedom from negative limiting beliefs and traumatic memories.
  • Freedom from your addictions and cravings.
  • Relief from physical pain, stress, trauma, depression, anxiety, fears and phobias

Syllabus includes:

  • The Background of EFT and IET
  • The Discovery Statement
  • The Full Basic Recipe
  • Psychological Reversal
  • The Short Cut Version
  • Aspects
  • SUDS
  • Getting Specific
  • Personal Peace Procedure
  • Borrowing Benefits
  • Introduction EFT for Addictive Cravings
  • EFT for Pain/Physical Discomfort

You will leave having seen trainer demo’s and practiced the technique in a safe environment and confident in applying it for immediate results On completion of this workshop you will receive the Official AAMET* Certificate of Attendance. This does not confer practitioner status. *Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques


Workshop Testimonial – Lynday Griparic Gut Health and Weight Loss Health Professional www.lyndagriparic.com


Vernica Bouveng. Owner of Daretobeu.

EFT Level 2

On going self development 

& Practitioner

Next workshops 2019

Coffs Harbour: 21-22 February

Venue: Parkes Drive, Korora

New South Wales 2450.


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The 2 day training is open to anyone who has completed an AAMET Level 1 Workshop, whether interested in becoming a certified practitioner or wanting to learn more and further their self-development. These are the most important EFT skills and techniques that open the door to deeper emotional healing and consistent results. These skills will assist you to make greater changes personally and or with your potential new clients!
This is a 2 day training which goes from the basic mechanics of EFT into the beginnings of artistry. You will develop your confidence, intuition and creativity with these techniques. Topics include working with trauma, physical pain, phobias, aspects, and uncovering core issues.
Syllabus includes:
  • Tearless Trauma Technique
  • Telling the Story Technique
  • Techniques for More Gentleness
  • Chasing the Pain
  • Addressing Physical Issues
  • Finding Core Issues
  • Testing results.
  • The Palace of Possibilities
  • Delivering EFT by Telephone/skype
  • Borrowing Benefits/Group Work
  • Phobias
  • New Tapping Points
On completion of this 2-day course you will receive an AAMET Level 2 EFT Certificates of attendance only. This does not confirm practitioner status.


Workshop testimonial from Kelli-Ann Falso Get glowing Health and fitness


Justine Ruszczyk Neuroscience & mindfulness based change initiatives.

EFT Level 1 - Foundation

EFT Level 2 - Practitioner

Why train with Alison?

I am an Accredited Certified EFT Master Trainer and practitioner registered with the worldwide organisation *AAMET . My 27 years experience and passion for assisting and teaching others, allows me to offer professional, high quality EFT courses to all my students. My workshops are Fun! I offer a safe space to explore the many techniques of EFT and how it can be applied, not only are my workshops professional and of a high standard of theory there are many hands on practical opportunities for self healing throughout the workshops, especially during the 2 day level 2 workshop. *Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques.

Impactful course – highly recommended!

What an amazing experience. Alison is a really genuine, professional and intuitive facilitator. She held the space really well, and guided the group at a good pace to meet everyone’s needs. Everyone in the group was able to work on themselves whether it be limiting beliefs, trauma, fear or negative emotions. Personally I released a lot of trauma and grief that I was holding onto feel so much lighter. And I am already feeling confident with EFT technique to practice on myself and others. I am excited to continue the EFT journey and I can’t wait for level 2 to deepen my practice! For anyone looking for a tool that is really simple and effective and easy to learn that really makes a difference, I recommend Alison’s EFT course.

Lynsey – Northern Beaches Sydney

Safe space to learn EFT & clear trauma and limiting beliefs

I recently attended Alison’s Level 1 EFT course in Yorkshire, UK.  I thoroughly enjoyed learning this new skill and I am sure it will be an invaluable tool, not only for self-help, but for use with my clients who come to me for Reiki treatments and are interested in personal development.  Alison provided a safe space for the few people attending the course to work through trauma and limiting self-beliefs.  Personally, I found this very helpful with releasing grief I have been holding onto through living with the chronic illness of my daughter.  I will continue to work on issues as they arise with this new skill, and use it in addition to my daily reiki/meditation sessions.   Alison is a friendly, caring facilitator who professionally guided us through practicing the techniques learned on the course.  I am looking forward to learning the next level!   Thank you Alison, Jo xxx

Jo – UK

I have been using EFT for several years both personally and professionally as a coach and facilitator of healing. Upon my decision to move to the USA I decided to get certified in order to solidify my credentials for the overseas market. Alison’s course and facilitation far exceeded my expectations. Not only did I enjoy the confirmation that I had been practicing this powerful technique correctly, but I learned many new tools and techniques that allowed me to take my ability to the next level of service for my clients. Alison’s experience and passion for this work is tangible and she created an incredible and safe space for the group over the weekend which enabled us to not only explore Tapping as a tool for others, but to also experience significant and transformational shifts for ourselves on a personal level. I would wholeheartedly recommend this course for anyone wanting to explore EFT and it’s benefits at a deeper level, whether you want to be a practitioner or not. Thank you Alison for your love, kindness, compassion, wisdom and experience. I feel blessed to have you as my mentor. Gratitude, appreciation and warm fuzzy love Justine
Justine Ruszczyk
Neuroscience & mindfulness based change initiatives.

I felt drawn (that’s right!) to Alison’s 2 day course. I knew very little about EFT but liked her website and hoped my sore back would feel better. It does! I am so glad I was there. Alison is a truly wonderful and knowledgeable presenter who put everyone in the class at ease while she demonstrated how an EFT practitioner works and then led us through practice runs of EFT with skill, kindness  and good humour. She encouraged us to use EFT ourselves from now on. I will return for the Level 2 classes as soon as possible. I will also go privately to Alison for EFT. That is how impressed I am!

Jane Housten

It was a pleasure to meet and work with Alison on EFT Level 1. She has a very open and approachable style that is engaging and inspiring. All the material was covered very well and her delivery was relaxed and extremely professional. I felt at all times able to ask questions and she was able to offer clarity on many points which the group raised. It was extraordinary to be able to have a ‘mini session’ with her where she demonstrated the benefits of tapping on an issue that I was going through.

I feel very excited to be continuing my training with her on Level 2 and would highly recommend anyone see Alison for a one to one where I am confident that she would be able to help anyone alleviate suffering and gain insight into any issue. Her use of humour throughout certainly kept the weekend ‘real’ and I learnt a great deal through her unique and individual teaching methods. Huge thank you.

Russell Byrne - Sydney

“Today’s AAMET training with Alison was transformational. I felt a number of shifts with issues that have been bugging me for some time. I have tried many therapies over the years and this has to be the most effective in making quick changes. I can see a long and exciting future with EFT.”

“Alison is a gifted educator and facilitator, her presentation style is warm and empathetic and she leads class participants through the process of learning, integrating and mastering the art of EFT with skill and grace. Alison meets each student exactly where they are and supports them to shift, release and let go in a way that creates a feeling of safety & confidence in the technology of EFT even amidst emotional charge and vulnerability. Can’t wait for the next level of training. Sam Bulloch ND Clinical Director – The Alchemist’s Tree Sam Headshot - cropped blurred edge

I’ve recently completed the level one EFT course with Alison. From start to finish I’ve personally experienced big shifts from the old beliefs that have kept me stuck in business and life. I am very excited to bring this powerful tool into my weight loss and gut health consultations. I have no doubt that EFT will help people move through self sabotage and limiting beliefs while they journey along that often rocky path to better health.  I can not recommend Alison and this course enough and look forward to level 2.

Lynda Griparic

Gut Health and Weight Loss Health Professional

“The best words I can think of to summarise the benefits is, “A shift” I have had many personal shifts due to the clear and effective delivery of this course”
Kimberly Gardiner – A Nourished Soul

“The EFT course taught by Alison is outstanding. It exceeded my expectations and I received so much, not only in terms of the foundations of EFT technique taught, but many a ‘aha’ moments and support.
Alison’s teaching style is nurturing, supportive and compassionate, creating a calm and intimate environment.
I am so looking forward to level 2!”
Rhiannah Venetsanos

Over the weekend I completed EFT level 2 for the second time and gained so much from this course, not only was the content clearly presented but was targeted to the group attending. It was great to see myself and others attending change and grow in two days, Alison is a master at reading people and it was great to see how simple EFT can be. Over the year and a half, I have been working towards becoming an accredited EFT practitioner Alison has offered professional and supportive, if anyone is looking at any element of EFT, private EFT session, learning EFT through completing EFT Level 1 and then EFT Level 2, either for personal use or going on to becoming a EFT practitioner you will be amazed how much positive change and space for growth this process can help support. Yes, you can have a “HappiSoul”.
Cameron Bishop

Amazing EFT Level 2 Testimonial

Becoming an EFT practitioner
“Alison really knows her stuff! In the space of a few short days, I went from thinking maybe I could be an EFT practitioner to knowing I could actually do it. The EFT Level 1 & Level 2 workshops were informative, fascinating and practical, and Alison delivered them with clarity, compassion and humour. Highly recommended.”

Marianne – Adelaide

Alison is a warm and engaging teacher. She is extremely passionate about EFT and is was a joy to learn this powerful toll from her. I loved every minute.

Louise Charmen- James

Soul Signature

“EFT is the Key”

I have just recently had the immense pleasure to attend an EFT level 1 Workshop facilitated by a “true and splendid superstar” namely Alison Monaghan van Vurren. Even though I live in Sydney, my calling was to fly to Brisbane QLD. and join the group there.

It was wonderful! I met more of my tribe, my beloved soul mates on the planet and through our interaction and student practice I gained so much more understanding about personal issues I have not quite cleared over the years. If we are talking about fast tracking our life forward and God knows we need to, EFT IS THE KEY.  It is a magical key that has the potential if used correctly to walk into open doors that seemed to have been shut before.

I am so excited an cant wait to continue my learning with Alison. Thank you beautiful lady, it brings tears to my eyes as I express deep appreciation and gratitude to you for calling me into your life.

Alison is very skilled, kind and powerful in delivering her message to us.

I feel amazing, and even though I have slept no more then 3 hours last night and was booked with clients right up until last night 6pm, I am still energetic and buzzing!

I am very keen to move forward with EFT and cant wait to take it to the next level.


Elisabeth Egidy

Metaphysical teacher, author the Inner Sanctum, reflections in verse, philosophical insights and poetry.

Alison’s teaching style is supportive and thoughtful an she provides a relaxed environment which makes it easy to learn. The pace is comfortable. I came into this workshop not feeling very comfortable with my EFT skills and I leave excited with the confidence and knowledge to take this forward in my life and career.

Amy Down – Business owner – Mummy MOJO

“Alison has a unique and highly supportive style of teaching and facilitating EFT. She encourages creativity whilst proving a strong base of information and practical training in the fundamentals.”

I recently completed a Level 1 EFT Training Course with Alison. I found her to an educated, inspiring and warm teacher, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. I entered the session thinking I knew a fair bit about EFT and did not have any issues to be worked on, Alison proved me wrong within the first day and I released the cloud that was hanging over my head even though I could not pin point it before. I think EFT is a technique I will use as a lifelong tool for health and happiness and I look forward to starting Level 2 soon. Thank you Alison for all your support and guidance.
Desiree Taylor

Holistic health coach, Free yourself Holistic health coaching

I found Allison to be a very professional, experienced, efficient and enjoyable practitioner and trainer. I felt that I was in very safe hands over the weekend’s training program and I came away feeling very excited, inspired and certain that EFT has profound positive impacts on wellbeing. I will definitely continue learning and practicing under Allison’s guidance so I can take EFT out into the world.

Cat Nyika - Social worker, mother of 4

“Alison is a gifted, compassionate and heart centered facilitator and educator. She created a lovely safe and nurturing space for all of the students to learn and practice EFT.”

Laura Lum-Hogan“Informative, inspiring, empowering and lots of fun!”

“Alison has such warm presence and makes if safe to explore all the benefits of EFT, even though the event you are taping on might be uncomfortable.”

Certification Program Frequently Asked Questions

Why Join the AMMET EFT Certification Program?
The Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques (AAMET) is the lead body for Energy Psychology with the General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies.  AAMET is the largest international organization supporting Energy Therapy and is comprised of individuals with an interest in Energy Psychology and also Energy Psychology Practitioners.

AAMET International is committed to promoting the work and benefits of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and to fund research. Membership is approaching 2,000 with a steady increase of between 30-40 new members each month.  We also reach an audience of over 4,000 worldwide.

Who can attend the training?
This certification program is offered to anyone wishing to either become an EFT practitioner or as an addition to holistic practitioners i.e. massage therapist, life coaches, Nurses, Doctors, Chiropractors, Physio, Occupational therapist, mental health professionals such as Social workers, marriage & family therapists and psychologists.

Can I attend Level 1 and then Level 2 at a later date?
Yes absolutely.

What happens after I have completed my Level 2 course?
There are 6 steps to becoming an accredited EFT practitioner: Pre: certification

  • Complete level 1 and 2 EFT training.
  • Complete minimum of 4 case studies. You will receive a case study manual and I will offer you guidance through this process.
  • Evaluation of a Complete EFT Session. Your trainer will observe and evaluate a full EFT session. In place of a live, in-person session, your trainer may instead allow and evaluate a video- OR audio-recording of a live session. The live session (and followup discussion) will then count as one of the mandatory case studies( as above)
  • Complete a minimum of 50 practice hours of 45 minutes or longer, with at least 20 different individuals. This will ensure that you as a potential EFT practitioner have actual working experience – and not just classroom knowledge of EFT.
  • Pass the online multiple-choice exam via AAMET site for approx. $40 (you get 3 attempts) Sign in as a “friend” to complete the exam.
  • Complete 6 hours of either 1 on 1 or group supervision with an approved supervisor of which I am. You can also opt to do a combination for example 2 x 1 hour private supervision sessions and 4 hours in a group.

Post certification:

  • 6 hours of either group supervision private supervision per year.

I currently offer the group sessions in 2 slots of 3 hours in Sydney or Private supervision, one on one. This can be done via Skype or in person.

  • 30 hour’s CPD hours per year.

Please note: Supervision fee’s are in addition to the Course fee’s.

What is CPD?
Continuous Professional Development This is not designed to be extra work or expense, and if you are undergoing CPD for another professional organisation, it may count towards your AAMET International CPD. You can ask me about this. For these purposes AAMET International defines CPD as “…the normal effort made by conscientious Practitioners to develop personally and professionally in order to work safely, effectively and legally within the scope of their own practice and competence.”

What counts towards CPD?
A wide range of activities are recognized which you can count towards your CPD. When deciding what to include in your CPD you need to consider how the activity will enhance your work as a practitioner and also how you can demonstrate that. CPD must include practical (hands-on) application of your discipline(s), where relevant.

How long will this process take?
This process usually takes anywhere between 8 weeks post attending level 2 and 8 – 11 months. Each individual will often have other commitments and I strongly advice students to take there time to build confidence and practice with friends and family.

It is important to stress that this process will need to be completed within 12 months of attending level 2.

What if I don’t complete this process within the 12 month period?
You will be asked to attend a refresher course. This is at a reduced rate.

What happens after I have met the above requirements?
I will notify AAMET that you have completed the required steps and they will then invite you to apply to AAMET directly with your new credentials for membership as a certified EFT Practitioner Level 2 practitioner. Upon verification of your completion of the requirements, AAMET grants you full EFT Practitioner Certification and you will be listed in the AAMET referral system. AAMET will then send you out certificate stating you are an Accredited EFT practitioner as you trained me, a Master Accredited Trainer.

You will be an Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner as long as you agree to honour AAMET’s continuing education requirements. For Practitioners who completed training before the launch of the new Training and Accreditation program there is the option to apply for accreditation if they so choose. This is not compulsory.

When can I start charging my clients?
First you will need to apply for Professional indemnity insurance and register with a Complementary therapy organization as a certified EFT practitioner. I can recommend IICT and OAMPS for the insurance.

How will I receive ongoing support post certification as a Practitioner?
I am available as your trainer to answer any questions you may have regarding the certification process and I’m happy to answer minor inquires via email that relate to practicalities of becoming a practitioner.

If you require deeper personal mentoring where we can address issues arising regarding building a business. I offer this at a reduced hourly rate or I have packages available too.

Other ways to receive support once certified:
Group Supervision sessions.

Attend my 6 weekly Sydney Tapping support group (these hours go towards CPD) FB EFT Practitioner group. EFT forum on LinkedIn. AAMET FB EFT practitioner support group. Sign up for the AAMET newsletter. AAMET annual conference.

How do I know what to charge for my services?
This is dependent on your experience, confidence and integrity. I began offering free sessions then built up from there. When the student feels competent they will appreciate their worth and value and charge accordingly. My role is to support students through this process to enhance confidence. Therefore progressing in their skill set as practitioners.

This may raise some tap-able issues that can be worked on by the student or in Private mentoring sessions.

Do you offer payment plans or concessions for the Certification program?
Yes, please contact me directly to discuss how I can assist with this.

EFT Level 1 - Foundation

EFT Level 2 - Practitioner

AAMET Accredited EFT Levels 1 & 2

Catherine O'Sullivan

EFT Training Graduate Testimonial I went to Alison to obtain my certification as an AAMET EFT Practitioner. She was a skilled and extremely personable trainer who was with us every step of the way during our training. Her expert knowledge of the subject matter was evident and she was able to impart this to her students. I came away feeling that I had not only received my certification, I had also received a lesson in how to conduct myself with clients in the future. I couldn’t recommend Alison highly enough as a person or as a trainer.

Catherine O'Sullivan, EFT Training Graduate, Sydney

Group Supervision

“The group supervision has been a great experience to practice EFT. It gave me a deeper understanding of its applications and how to make it more effective. During the group supervision, I felt relaxed and guided by your caring advice and professionalism. I can see the importance of the group supervision and I am looking forward to attending the next two for this year. Thank you, Alison, for your contribution to my development as EFT practitioner.”   Stefania Pallotta – EFT Certification graduate

The Power Of EFT

The Power Of EFT

EFT Coaching will powerfully and creatively assist you to love and accept yourself allowing you to fell lighter, experience confidence, trust in yourself and fulfill your dreams.

Works From Anywhere

Works From Anywhere

Modern technology and the ease of use allows me to work with clients face to face in person in Sydney, or worldwide and nationally within Australia using Skype or phone.

Master Your Fears & Phobias

Master Your Fears & Phobias

3 sessions is usually sufficient for making distinct headway on specific issues, but phobias can sometimes be resolved within one or two sessions.

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Still not convinced? Read what some of my students say about my training

“Alison’s course is magic! You will leave a better person with a serious skill for your well-being and that of others”

Tim Guthrie, School Teacher, Canberra

“Alison has a great energy – light, open and relaxed she makes awkward situations easy and knows how to make somewhat “weird” tool very accessible”

Claire Obeid, Business Owner, Wellness Project

“Alison manages to blend a great mix of theory and practical exercises. The training is extremely flexible and taps into individual needs. Fantastic!”

Alice Walker, Psychologist and EFT Practitioner, Sydney

“Alison’s course is really gentle fun and flexible. I got a lot out of the small group environment”

EFT Training Graduate

“The Workshop was well-presented and I felt very safe t o explore my deeply held emotional triggers. I feel confident to use EFT in both my professional and personal lives”

Michelle Cowie, Accupuncturist, Sydney

“Very informative day, thanks for demystifying the tapping process and making it fun, practical and informative”

EFT Training Graduate

“Such a fantastic day. Not only did I get deep knowledge of EFT I also felt like I did some great work on myself”

Catherine Vautier, Business Owner, Queen of Chaos

“EFT training with Alison allowed me to explore and start dealing with issues that have plagued me for some time! I can’t wait to go deeper during level 2”

EFT Training Graduate

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