Mercury/Mould Poisoning Detox

Yes it got that bad, I had to hit the bottle:)


My mercury poison detox!

I recently spent 3 weeks in bed sick as a dog! I’m beginning to feel so much better, more energy, clarity, focus and probably the best digestion I have experienced in years. However, it wasn’t an easy journey and I learnt the absolute importance of supporting your body and mind during this process. The importance of following the professional advice and protocol, eating nourishing food and drinks with plenty of rest in the acute stage, which was the 2 weeks when I was in bed. I had to completely acknowledge and listen to what my body needed during this time. I was forced if you like, to accept that friends, family and clients would understand. I came to the conclusion that our health and well-being has to come first so we can be there for others. Seems obvious doesn’t it, but it is not necessarily easy when you have a belief that your letting people down.

Why I did the Detox

I just wasn’t thriving or feeling 100% you know that feeling, just not clear enough, niggling ailments that never seem to go away, tired, bloated, irritable. The worst of it all for me was the increasing tiredness from the lack of good quality sleep, tummy pains bloating etc. Not so sexy heh? I had been recommended an Integrated GP called Dr Beilby at Yourhealth in Manly . Upon my first consultation he discovered that my body was highly toxic with a Mercury reading of 16. The safe amount if any to have in your body is 3! He also discovered Mold and candida. I’ve since found out through Dr Beilby and my own research that all 3 of these feed off each other so it makes sense now that I couldn’t shift the candida overgrowth as the Mercury and Mold were there.

Dr Michael Beilby uses unique and thorough testing systems. After my 1st consult I began the detoxing process using prescribed Homeopathic and Chelex, (an extraordinary all-natural combination of unique and therapeutic ingredients formulated to support the safe and effective removal of heavy metals)
to draw out the high Mercury levels amongst other nasties including mold and candida.

I innocently embarked on a heavy-duty much needed detox in November last year in Nov but the peak of the elimination came more recently. Some of the detox symptoms I experienced where nausea, chronic aches and pains and came out in a itchy rash!

I have come to understand the absolute importance of following the protocol completely. I cut corners on some days and didn’t take all my supplements like the liquid minerals and the chelation capsules, which bind the heavy metals and safely draw them out of the body through the organs. Perhaps this is partly why I experience such a strong reaction. I added unnecessary stress to my organs especially my adrenal’s, kidney’s and Liver.

Using EFT to help with the heavy metal/mold and candida detox process.

During the process of detoxing, I used EFT Tapping for:

Physical symptoms.

Emotions surrounding the detox like:

  1. Frustrated with the healing process.
  2. Losing faith in my ability to heal.
  3. Doubting that I had done the right thing.
  4. Doubting and anger towards the GP as I wondered whether he knew what he was doing.
  5. Fear I was actually harming myself more.
  6. Guilt about cancelling clients and social events.

As you can see there are many issues that can be addressed using tapping when doing a detox.

My adorable friend and colleague Julie Zommers from Truly Madly deeply happy really was a help to me during this acute phase. We did tap along’s on the above issues I had. This really helped me stay grounded and also helped my release emotions that were holding me back from healing, especially fear around my capacity to heal myself.

Mold in Sydney homes.

On reflection, I realise that just about every home I have lived in here in Sydney has had a mold problem so my family and I have all been exposed to the fumes that are emitted from Mold. You have all probably seen it, a little bit here and there on the walls. It is toxic and needs to be dealt with. The tiny spores that are floating around that can penetrate into you body via the lungs end up landing on the walls, that’s how it gets there.

How to get rid of the mold safely

I encourage you to check your homes and if you do find mold on your walls or other places, the best way to clean if off is:

Wear a mask: Use white distilled vinegar and pour it into a spray bottle without watering it down. Spray the vinegar onto the moldy surface and leave it to sit for an hour. Finally, wipe the area clean with water and allow the surface to dry. Any smell from the vinegar should clear within a few hours. You can add a few drops of eucalyptus or tea tree oil.

Why I am sharing this with you?
Because I think we can be  tapping away and getting good results, but sometimes the block is environmental instead of emotional. I’d like to encourage anyone who feels they may be toxic with Heavy metals or Mold to get tested.

Could this Mercury poisoning been the thing that triggered my autoimmune condition, Rheumatoid Arthritis when I was 17 (possibly after amalgam fillings were placed in my mouth)? Quite possibly.

On reflection, I find it all very interesting and I am so grateful that I now feel truly energized. Oh and I’m still off the coffee too, so I know my level of renewed energy is genuine instead of fueled with caffeine.

Once again I do not want to preach and say certain things are bad, but they were for me and I can honestly say I’m feeling the best I have felt in years!

If you are interested in finding out more about this and how heavy metals and the other toxin’s can seriously play havoc with your health, and what you may be able to do to clear them, then drop me a line, I’d be very happy to chat with you about it as I have learned a lot during this time. I may be of some assistance in supporting you through a similar process.


Read THIS ARTICLE on Candida and mercury.
It’s very interesting as this was me! I didn’t eat sugar, ate a balanced healthy diet but just couldn’t get rid of the bad bacteria (candida overgrowth) and was so frustrated. Now my gut and digestion is the best it has been for over 20 years.

So where do some of our toxin’s come from:

  • Environment – Pollution, smoke, heavy metals.
  • Food – Preservatives, intolerance’s/allergies.
  • Thoughts & emotions – Repeatedly thinking I’m not good enough, or I can’t do it, to name a couple.
  • Relationships – These can be highly toxic, including the one with yourself.
  • Chemical sensitivities – Molds, vaccines, plastics, dust, pollens.

10 Ways to improve your environment

  • Tapping for Self love and acceptance – Heal and transform the limitations.
  • Visualizations, drawings, list of wishes, vision boarding.
  • Home/work space – What colours textiles you choose?
  • Relationships – friends, colleagues, partner family.
  • Career – Does is bring out the best in you; is it nurturing?
  • Thoughts become emotions. Choose better feeling thoughts.
  • Health – Improve and re-evaluate your total health and well being.
  • Do a detox.
  • Helping others.
  • Practice Gratitude.

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